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The versatility of plantation shutters

Window Treatment Specialist
If you have been thinking about ways to freshen up the look of your living space, adding plantation shutters to your windows is definitely worth looking into. These window coverings are a popular option among homeowners because they are the perfect solution for keeping your home cool, while also adding a classic style to the home’s…

The do’s and don’ts of pairing shutters with curtains

Window Treatment Specialist
Finding the right window treatments can upgrade the look of your home and help improve energy-efficiency. One way to help maximize the comfort level of your space is to install shutters and pair them with curtains. If you want to add a touch of style to your home, check out the tips we’ve put together that…

The best window treatment options for schools and universities

Window Treatment Specialist
The environment that your students are in has a major impact on how well they learn. Believe it or not, when the windows are dressed appropriately, a well-lit classroom helps create a more energetic learning experience. Depending on the specific area of the building, different styles of window treatments will be used. For schools and…

Get help surviving the summer heat with solar shades

Window Treatment Specialist
The heat during the summertime can be brutal. As the temperature outside begins to rise, most of us are forced to resort to using expensive methods to stay cool. Fortunately, there are other, less costly ways to regulate the temperature of your home so that you and your family can remain comfortable all season long.…

Wooden Blinds

Window Treatment Specialist
It’s tough to beat the look of real wood for interior blinds. Genuine wood looks great and brings a natural warmth and feel to a room. Wood blinds are wildly flexible in matching to any décor and they come in unlimited color options from traditional stains that enhance the wood’s natural grain to a virtual…

West Roxbury Blinds

Window Treatment Specialist
It wasn’t that long ago when thick, heavy curtains were the go-to interior window accoutrement. These imposing textiles hung improbably from straining rods and adorned rooms in various shades of dark colors, while collecting all manner of dust and other household debris. They were great at sealing off the outside world but they didn’t have…

Roslindale Blinds

Window Treatment Specialist
When it comes to home or office décor, choosing window treatments is often a high priority.  No one wants nosy neighbors peeking in, and there’s nothing worse than being blasted by afternoon sunlight during a PowerPoint presentation in the conference room.  With the right window treatments from The Blinds Side, you can avoid these pain…

Jamaica Plain Blinds

Window Treatment Specialist
At The Blinds Side, we’re committed to providing every client with the high-end window treatments that not only address functional concerns like lighting and privacy, but also take their interior design to the next level.  In addition to offering end-to-end service, from taking precise measurement, to suggesting the perfect window dressings, to installing window treatments…

Hyde Park Shades

Window Treatment Specialist
With endless options for drapes, blinds, shutters, and shades to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect window treatments for your residential or commercial setting when you partner with the experts at The Blinds Side.  However, if you’re looking to pair utility and charm with affordable pricing, shades can offer the versatile solutions you…

Dedham Blinds

Window Treatment Specialist
Windows allow natural light to fill your interior and provide a view of the world outside, but you don’t necessarily want outsiders looking in or blazing sunlight heating the space, which is why window treatments are such an important part of your décor.  At The Blinds Side, we’re committed to helping every client find the…

Composite Shutters

Window Treatment Specialist
Exterior shutters have adorned homes and dressed up their looks since the times of ancient Greece. Even then, people realized that selecting and installing shutters was a way to reflect personal style and boost curb appeal. But way, way back in that day they didn’t have the option of composite shutters. Simply stated, composite shutters…

Boston Commercial Shades

Window Treatment Specialist
At one time viewed as an afterthought and often still underappreciated today, commercial shades and related window treatments are major components of office layout and function. In reference to their name, commercial shades are specially designed window coverings that provide interior shade from the sun, reduce glare, help regulate ambient light and solar heat, and…
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