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3 Window Treatments for the Bathroom

Hunter Douglas Luminette Shades

Looking to spruce up your bathroom this year, but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to do slow renovations and additions. A simple and easy way to increase the value of your bathroom, and your home in general, without going over a budget is to add in some new window treatments. There are many fine choices to make when picking out a window treatment for the bathroom, though there are also a few pieces of advice to think about before making a purchase. The first of which, and maybe the most important, is how hot and humid it can get in the average bathroom. This humidity can be rough on certain materials. Window treatments, which are usually very thin, can be especially vulnerable to humidity, have to be carefully selected. Materials like wood and cloth can be damaged if exposed to too much humidity. Wood will warp and bend in a bathroom.

One material that won’t though is aluminum. Aluminum blinds are hardy, low maintenance and have a small price tag compared to many competitive products. Easy to clean, these window treatments are affordable and sleek, and can be a great accent to add to the master and guest bathrooms. Aluminum is a tough material that isn’t going to warp or bend like hardwood, nor would it have the same issues as cloth will in a humid room. This blind style comes in mostly subdued colors, white and grey, which is great for pairing it with any type of bathroom furnishings.

If you want something a bit more luxurious though, but still don’t want to worry about the dangers of humidity, there are also faux wood blinds. These blinds are made from a composite wood material, which is resistant to the effects of humid environments. These blinds are highly customizable, coming in a variety of natural or painted colors, finishes and sizings. These window treatments are light, allowing them to be freely controlled without struggle. Faux wood has all the style of real wood without any of the added expense or hassle that is expected of the natural counterpart.

Finally, there are shutters. Like blinds, shutter can be faux wood, which is an added plus in terms of use in bathrooms, or even kitchens which can also get more humid. Shutters are an often-overlooked choice of window treatment, one that lends itself well to allowing in light while keeping an area private, always a bonus when it comes to personal matters. Composite shutters are durable and can be built to fit many window specifications. These window treatments add a striking beauty and warmth to the room, and work well to accentuate the possible styles that may be used in the room’s decor.

Bathrooms are one of those rooms that everybody needs, and nobody wants to be unsightly. While it may not seem like much, adding a little color or flair with window treatments can go a long way without going over any budget you may have. Whether you use composite shutters, faux wood blinds, or aluminum window treatments, adding some window dressing will add class and comfort to the room that may need it most.