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Hot Window Treatment Trends for 2020

Window Treatment Specialist
If you’re tired of the outdated window treatments that have been in your home for years or you’re looking to upgrade damaged window treatments, it’s not a bad idea to see what’s trending in the coming year.  In 2020, some major changes are on the horizon, and you can get the jump on your style…

Top 5 Benefits of Roller Shades

Window Treatment Specialist
Roller shades have long been viewed as an affordable, if plain, way to cover your windows for the sake of privacy.  However, improvements to this simple style have made it a major contender for trendy and functional window treatments. You can now find roller shades in a variety of modern colors, patterns, and materials to…

Using Wood Blinds to Spruce Up Your Home Décor

Window Treatment Specialist
Everyone has their own design aesthetic, and the way you decorate your interior can display your personality and make your home a comfortable and inviting space.  Once you’ve chosen foundations like paint and flooring, the next step is to select furniture, accessories and other elements of décor that finish the space.  You cannot ignore the…

Why Durability is So Important When Choosing Commercial Window Blinds

Window Treatment Specialist
When choosing blinds for your office, retail, hospitality, or other commercial setting, you naturally spend some time considering the aesthetics, so that the products you choose complement and elevate existing décor.  You also need to make sure these window coverings meet practical needs for light control and so on. However, you can’t forget about the…

5 Fun Window Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

Window Treatment Specialist
Holiday decorating is a time-honored tradition that many families observe, whether they celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or other end-of-year festivities.  Putting up decorations is a great way to create a festive mood and imbue your home with holiday spirit, but it’s also a fun family activity that allows you to spend quality time together during…

Window treatments that work the best for reducing noise

Window Treatment Specialist
Your home is your sanctuary. But nothing disrupts your peace more than unwanted noises that interfere with your quality of life.  Disturbing sounds coming from outside can be a major annoyance if you work from home, or may even prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.  The good news is that all hope is not lost. By…

Window shades to help you get a better night sleep

Window Treatment Specialist
Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to maintaining good health. Our sleeping patterns are significantly affected by the amount of light entering our sleeping space. Our bodies naturally crave a dark room for optimal sleep. That is why it is critical to protect our sleeping spaces from disturbances that interrupt this process. If your sleeping…

Why we love faux wood blinds

Window Treatment Specialist
The right window treatments can really transform the look of your space. Wood blinds, for example, add a classic look to any style home. However, the reality is that wood blinds are not necessarily appropriate for every space.  These style blinds are not exactly ideal for areas like kitchens, bathrooms, or playrooms. This is because real…

Why choose Hunter Douglas window coverings for your home?

Window Treatment Specialist
A good window treatment isn’t just about style. It should also offer both form and function. Your window treatments should give you complete control over the lighting in your space while perfectly complementing your home’s decor. Hunter Douglas window treatments are an affordable, yet stylish option for homeowners. The shade and blind options offered by this brand…

What are my options for window coverings when I go with Hunter Douglas?

Window Treatment Specialist
Hunter Douglas leads the pack when it comes to innovative designs for custom-made blinds and shades. Renowned for its quality fabrics, unique patterns, colors, and cutting-edge features, Hunter Douglas products enhance the look of any style home. As a preferred provider of Hunter Douglas window treatments, we offer a wide selection of premium options to…
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