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Why homeowners and designers alike love plantation shutters

Window Treatment Specialist
Homeowners and designers alike love plantation shutters for the pop they give even the drabbest rooms, and the ease with which homeowners can maintain light and temperature in their homes. Plantation shutters are a fantastic option in home design. Here are some reasons why homeowners and designers love them. Flexibility Light control is an important…

Tips and tricks for decorating your home with wooden blinds

Window Treatment Specialist
Wooden blinds lend your living space a vintage, earthy, clean look. They are an excellent choice for window treatments because they are versatile, cost-effective, and practical. They are also great for Asian-inspired decors, but if you live in an environment that’s high in humidity, you should consider faux wood finish blinds as these will respond…

The benefits of having plantation shutters in winter

Window Treatment Specialist
Warmer days are just around the corner. Although the advent of spring may make you want to forget the season of winter altogether, it will come around again soon enough. And when winter does raise its icy head, you’ll want to be ready. If you are thinking about new window treatments and are considering some…

Motorized vs. manual commercial window treatments: which is right for your office?

Window Treatment Specialist
Whether you’re designing your commercial space or swapping out your old window treatments for new, you will have the option of deciding between manual or motorized window treatments. This can be a difficult choice as you need to take into account the function of your commercial space, the number of window treatments, and the employees…

How to choose commercial window shades

Window Treatment Specialist
Choosing window treatments for your commercial space is a big decision. Depending on the size and function of your commercial space, you may be talking about a lot of window treatments. That’s a big investment. When choosing the right type of shade for you and your business, you should consider certain key elements. The best step…

Everything you need to know before purchasing blackout blinds

Window Treatment Specialist
You may be looking into blackout blinds for a bedroom, media room, nursery, or another type of room that necessitates total darkness. Like all window treatments, blackout blinds serve two purposes: aesthetic and functional. Blackout blinds are mostly functional as they are tasked with shutting out light from the outside world, but they can also…

Always consult a professional for your new window treatments

Window Treatment Specialist
If you’re looking to change your window treatments in your home, you have two different paths: retail or professional. Whenever possible, you should always consult a professional when on the market for new window treatments. That professional touch can make a huge difference. Here are a few of the reasons why you should always consult…

A brief history of plantation shutters

Window Treatment Specialist
You may think that plantation shutters, which are also known as plantation blinds, originated in the American South but this is not so. Plantation shutters originally harken back to ancient Greece, where the louvers were constructed of marble, not wood. Shutters were created with three primary aims in mind: ventilation of air, light control, and…
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Which Window Treatments are Right for Odd Windows in Your Home?

Window Treatment Specialist
While typical square or rectangular windows are certainly easy to cover with a wide array of window treatments, there’s something truly eye-catching about the addition of odd windows like circular, arched, triangular, or trapezoidal shapes, as well as skylights, transoms, bay, bow, or garden windows, and more. These unusual windows add a whopping dose of…

What is the Link Between Office Productivity and Window Treatments?

Window Treatment Specialist
Productivity is a major concern for any business operation, and while the bottom line is always a factor when it comes to office upgrades, it’s also important to ensure that employees enjoy an office environment conducive to efficiency and optimal productivity.  The question, of course, is what type of environment encourages productivity? Is it better…

The Benefits of Outside Mount Blinds and Shades

Window Treatment Specialist
Some blinds and shades nest inside window frames, creating a streamlined look that many homeowners and businesses appreciate.  While the aesthetic appeal is apparent, there are some potential drawbacks to an inside mount, namely the onus to get the perfect fit, as well as the possibility of light leakage around the edges. That said, there…
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