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Commercial Blackout Shades

The Blinds Site proudly offers high-quality blackout shades that are fit to be used in different commercial spaces.

Commercial Blinds

If you want to give your business premises a new and exciting look, then opt for our commercial blinds. We have a diverse range of different commercial blinds that are suitable for numerous commercial set ups.

Commercial Drapes

For all those people who are looking for high-quality drapes for window coverings in their commercial properties, The Blinds Site is their go-to store.

Commercial Exterior Shades

Outdoor sitting areas in restaurants have become one of the hot trends in the current times. People love to sit and relax in outdoor areas while enjoying their food along with relishing the beauty of nature.

Commercial Interior Shades

Interior shades, undoubtedly, form one of the most integral part of a commercial set up’s décor and style. The right type of interior shades can uplift the value of the overall theme and décor of a property.

Commercial Printed Window Coverings

The Blinds Site is a name to rely on for premium printed window coverings to be installed on different types of commercial spaces.

Healthcare and Window Hospital Blinds and Shades

It is a widely known and accepted fact that daylight offers numerous health benefits to the patients. It also proves to be cost-efficient as heating and lighting bills are reduced.

Home Automation and Lighting Control

Home automation technology has made things easier for homeowners. They can now control most of the appliances in their home with just a few taps on their smartphones or other tech devices.


Motorized window shades have become the latest trend in both commercial and residential set ups. With this technology, it gets easier to adjust the shades as per your convenience.

Office Blinds

The look and décor of an office hold vital importance for leaving the best impression on the clients and/or customers. It is a known fact that window coverings form a vital part of an office’s décor.

Office Roller Shades

If you want to give your office a trendy and contemporary look, office roller shades by The Blinds Site is your ultimate choice. These shades are fit for a variety of office spaces.

Restaurant Window Shades

The selection of window treatments is one of the most important phases of designing its décor. They should go with the overall theme of the restaurant and create a pleasant ambiance for the guests.

Storefront Window Treatments

The Blinds Site is the name to rely on for the premium quality, long lasting window treatments for retail stores.