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5 Important Factors to Consider when Choosing Window Treatments for Your Bedroom

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While your home is your castle, your bedroom is your sanctuary, and you want it to be a comfortable and stylish reflection of your personal sensibilities. This not only means choosing bedding and flooring designed to help you create a cozy nest for sleeping, but also choosing accouterments that further your restful goals.

When it comes to selecting window treatments for your bedroom, you might think any blinds or drapes will do. In truth, you need more than style – you need substance if you want to create the perfect space for sleeping and lounging. Here are a few important factors to consider when choosing window treatments for your bedroom.

1. Privacy. Your bedroom is your most private and intimate space. The last thing you want is nosy neighbors or passersby peeking in and catching you dancing around in your skivvies. Privacy is a paramount concern when it comes to window treatments for your bedroom, so you’ll want to avoid options that are too sheer to provide the coverage you crave.

2. Light control. Your bedroom is primarily for sleeping, which means you probably want to keep it as dark as possible to facilitate this activity. Your window treatments can be a big help in this department if you choose the right features.

Look for shades, shutters, blinds, and/or drapes that offer total opacity with blackout features. This will help to keep out the early morning sun that might interrupt your opportunity to sleep in on the weekends, as well as any illumination from street lights or neighboring flood lights during the night.

3. Existing décor. Functionality is generally your first concern when it comes to window treatments, but naturally, you also want décor that complements your existing interior design. This begins with finding the colors and textures that go with your flooring, walls, and furniture, and perhaps elevating your overall style with design extras like pattern, shine, and so on.

4. Depth and dimension. No one ever said you had to limit yourself to a single window treatment. If you’re looking for lush and luxurious window coverings, you should know that you can mix and match window treatments to truly eye-catching effect.

Some window treatments, like blinds and Roman shades, already have some dimension thanks to folds, but if you want to add more depth, consider pairing drapes with your blinds to add volume and juxtapose vertical and horizontal elements. You could also add sheers over shutters to soften the appearance and enhance visual appeal. As a bonus, you’ll gain additional privacy and light control when utilizing multiple window treatments.

5. Other benefits. Window treatments are designed with privacy, light control, and beauty in mind, but many also feature additional benefits for discerning buyers. For example, some window treatments have thermal layers designed to help reduce heat gain and help you control interior temperature, not to mention energy costs. Some treatments offer sound dampening to alleviate noise pollution.

Before you simply purchase the first pair of drapes that catches your eye, make sure to speak with a specialist to find the window treatments that are perfect for your bedroom. The professionals at The Blinds Side are pleased to offer expert advice and installation services when you call 410-630-6940 or contact them at [email protected].