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A Hunter Douglas Special: Vignette Roman Shades

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Hunter Douglas Window Treatments are some of the best available today, coming in a wide variety of styles, colors and affordable prices. There is an assurance of quality when you invest in the Hunter Douglas brand. They make multiple designs of shades, blinds, and drapes for any space or room. Whether you desire beautiful honeycomb shades, or gorgeous silhouette shades, wood or metal blinds, Hunter Douglas has a product for you. Among all these special products though is one with a traditional, classical appearance that is timeless in form as it will be in your living room. Roman shades are typically a solid and well-liked choice among the myriad of window treatments to pull from and use, but Hunter Douglas has a specialty in the area that works better than many other brands. Vignette Modern Roman Shades is Hunter Douglas’ answer to the flat roman shades design that is so big for open and warm spaces in many people’s homes and workplaces.

Hunter Douglas Vignettes are a particular style of roman shades, also called flat roman shades, for their manner of folded appearance. Pulled fully down, flat roman shades have even pleats that fold cleanly over one another. Their contoured, flat folds have a timeless appearance that makes them a great addition to any space’s style, modern and sleek or old school and traditional. The nature of their fabric allows for many colors and patterns to be used in their creation, whether it be a simple uniform grey, or a composite of colors vivid enough to draw the eye and be the centerpiece of the room. There is no messy cord to get in the way, as the window treatment can be raised and lowered with a single hand. There is a practicality to the design that gives it a charming look just as it sustains its utility.

Not only do they provide a charming arrangement to window furnishings, but they are a practical window treatment as well as an attractive one. Vignette shades are great at light and temperature control, the thick fabric capable of blocking out much of the sun’s natural light. Not only do they block out the annoying glare of the sun, but they also help with insulating the house. One of the easiest spots for heat to move from one side of the wall to the other are windows. In the winter, heat escapes through the windows, cooling the house down. In the summer, there is an opposite effect, where hot summer air and sun travels through the windows, sometimes making your home unbearable to live in. Vignette roman shades easily mitigate the flow of heat and warmth out the window, lowering heating bills and keeping your family warm.

Hunter Douglas Roman Shades are an excellent choice for first time home owners, or those just looking to modernize their space without losing style. So easy to clean and maintain that they will never be a bother again. A sleek choice that fits several different approaches to home decor, and an excellent way to remain understated or bring attention to the space.