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Baltimore Shades and Blinds for the Summer

Office Roller Blinds

The summer has been roasting for the Baltimore area, with sweltering heat well into the eighties and nineties. While many are probably loving the chances for beach and water activities, those of us who have to stay in our home offices during these times are probably feeling the heat. Some of us will be lucky enough to have a nice breeze to run through our house, cooling everything down, but some will not, and will have to either use air conditioning, or just keep the windows open during these intense boiling temps and hope for the best. That is why the Blinds Side offers so many great options for window treatments meant to deal with temperature control and keeping your house cool into the summer months. Some of these options are designed specifically to keep rooms chilled, stopping the warmth from escaping out the windows, open or closed.

If you live in an area that has a lot of low lying buildings, meaning the light of the sun is shining near constantly and is not blocked out by larger buildings, you are going to want a set of window treatments that will block out those dangerous parts of the light spectrum, to protect not only yourself and your family, but also any wood furniture or carpeting that you might have. Certain parts of the sun’s rays have an effect on wooden furniture and other important pieces in your home. Typically this is shown with bleaching, where the vibrant colors of your features and flooring are drained out, leaving the piece pale and colorless. Solar shades are a perfect way to fight this condition, stopping the sun’s glare in its tracks. Unlike other varieties of roller shades, these window treatments are made from a special material that stops your house from turning into an oven. Ranging from ten percent openness, which is the amount of normal light let through, to only one percent openness allows for a lot of options when you want to keep your house cool without losing all the benefits of natural light. Whether they are for the interior or exterior, solar shades are a great way to cool your home off with ease.

Or you can choose from a variety of different shutters, from double hung, to full-size, and from painted to stained, shutters have a lot of options that will not impede their strong temperature control qualities. Shutters are a very classical style, very different from solar shades, which make them a good opposite to look at. Like other wood based window treatments, when closed shutters have very interesting properties involving the temperature. The shutter blocks out most heat of the summer with ease, making it so you don’t have to spend as much every year on air conditioning to keep your house chilled, like certain types of blinds and natural shades. Coming in varieties of how they can be positioned, where double hung shutters can have the top open to let in air or sunlight, while the bottom half continues to protect privacy allows for more options overall. Unlike with solar shades though, shutters are great for the heat of Baltimore summers, just as they can work well when the season turns and you have to deal with the child and freezing temperature of the winters.