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Benefits of Faux Wood over Other Materials

Roller Shades

There are a lot of choices to be made when picking out the perfect window treatments for your home. Colors, styles, designs, patterns, sizes, fit, and more. One area of choice may be more important than most give it credit for. Which material do you want to use in the window treatment itself. There are a lot of different options regarding certain types of window treatment. Shades are almost universally made from weaved fabric, a fine material that looks great in any home, office, or business space. Shutters and blinds on the other hand can come in a few varieties of materials, each with their own advantages. Blinds can be made from aluminum, a sharp, modern looking set is perfect for office space or in your living room. However, there is another material, one with durability, style, and flair.

This material is Faux wood, also known as composite wood. Faux wood is made from shredded wood pulp that is melded into form with a powerful adhesive glue. When completed, painted, and put up in a living room, it’s difficult to tell that it is not actually the real thing. On average, composite wood is cheaper to buy, more durable, and easier to maintain than natural wood. This makes faux wood the perfect material for a wide array of situations and rooms. If you own pets or have rowdy children, they can ruin other types of window treatment with their rough play. Composite wood stands up better to the rigors of everyday life than natural wood, and fabric window treatments. In hot and humid rooms where the amount of water in the air can cause natural wood to bend and warp, faux wood holds its shape easily. Faux wood is a great material to use in rooms with a lot of foot traffic and activity, where there is a possibility of damage. And just like natural wood, the composite material has a great amount of designs and styles to choose from.

Taking them side by side, it would be impossible to differentiate faux wood from natural wood with blinds. The material works perfectly to create an easy to maintain, clean, and adjust window treatment that comes in a wide variety of natural wood colors and different paints. Blinds are easy to use and efficient, taking no wasted effort in their quality of light control. You don’t want to be woken abruptly on your day off, and you don’t want to lose out on precious sunlight as you work. Faux wood blinds are light and flexible, easier to control than other heavier and more cumbersome window treatment options.

There are other options, other window treatments that use this affordable and flexible material, like composite shades and faux wood shutters. The perfect choice for those on a budget or those who want a more long lasting and durable window treatment than they would get with natural wood. You don’t miss out on customization options, and still have a wide variety of colors and designs to use.