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Big home privacy concerns that you shouldn’t neglect

Window Treatments

One of the biggest priorities homeowners have is making sure that their homes are not lacking in privacy. Privacy and security go hand-in-hand. The better equipped your home is in regards to privacy, the more secure it will inevitably be. A home’s privacy levels depend on a number of variables. When trying to establish just how “private” you want your home to be, consider certain factors. Is your home in a high-traffic area or do you live in a secluded space? Do you live in a city that is known for home break-ins or do you live in a small town that operates under a “no need to lock the door” mentality? Does your home have many windows that neighbors can easily see through or are your windows positioned in strategic areas that amplify privacy? While these are all factors to consider when thinking about the privacy of your home, there are a handful of big home privacy concerns that should not be neglected, regardless of the answers to the questions listed above.

Bare Windows

Lack of energy-efficiency aside, bare windows also invite any passerby to get a glimpse inside of your home. While some people may not be concerned with entryway windows, bare windows in bedrooms, bathrooms, and other personal living spaces greatly decrease home privacy. It is important to remember that just because you cannot see through a neighbor’s windows when you are in your bedroom, that does not necessarily mean that they cannot see through your windows. There are many window treatments available that are specifically made for increased privacy.

Old Hardware and Fixtures

Old hardware on doors and windows is not just a security risk. Windows that do not close properly or that are loose do not block sound to the best of their abilities. When having conversations in your home, you expect that your conversations are private. Old, worn hardware does not keep doors and windows in secure closed positions. It allows for various openings that greatly decrease privacy.

Relying on “Smart” Devices

“Smart” devices like Alexa certainly make running a home easier. With that being said, the always “on” feature that many smart devices have decreases privacy and is the biggest reason why so many consumers are still hesitant to have an array of smart devices in the home. Make sure that your smart devices are used in a smart way that ensures the privacy of your home remains intact.

No Landscaping

One of the easiest ways to increase a home’s privacy is by utilizing landscaping. Shrubbery, for example, that is placed beneath exterior windows and that is adorned with thorns, is an easy way to keep people from getting too close to your home’s windows. Tall trees or leafy plants can also be used to block your home and yard from neighboring homes.

Increasing a home’s privacy does not have to a complicated process. The Blinds Side offers an array of window privacy options that can immediately address any of your privacy concerns. Contact The Blinds Side today to learn more.