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Blackout Shades for the New Addition

Woven Shades

One of the most important home renovation choices we all make in our lives is when we are welcoming a new little addition to our family. There has to be so many new and tiny things to not only remember, but find out. Babies are prone to needing protection, from pointy objects and second story stairs, to electric outlets and dangerously finicky doors. Keeping a baby safe from the mundane is in itself a fulltime job, on top of caring and loving the little darling. We all want to make sure that our children have as comfortable and easy a time growing up as we can possibly provide, and that they can feel the love, even when we aren’t there. To be sure, personalizing their room, even when they aren’t going to be staying there much of the time is important. Painting their room a soft color that isn’t harsh on the eye and making sure there are plenty of interactive objects for them to play with as they grow up. These are all important to the baby’s development. What could be more important at that age though? How well the baby will be able to sleep.

Children from birth to almost two years down the line need at least half a day’s worth of rest, to grow and mature, with the younger they are the more sleep they need. This sleep cycle doesn’t always follow night and day, meaning that babies will just as likely be asleep during the afternoon as they would at midnight. During those crucial hours when the sun is just right, it can be difficult for an adult to sleep, let alone an infant. Blackout shades solve this problem rather easily. Blackout shades are a design of window treatment built to, as the name might suggest, block out all light from entering the room from outside. Different window treatments do this in different ways, but most shades will block out the light through the layers and tight weave of their fabric. This way, even when the sun is directly facing the window, no light will enter to disturb the child’s nap. Whether for the baby’s room, the parent’s room, or both, blackout shades provide a welcome respite for the tired family.

There are several choices for designs of blackout shades to choose from, each with their own advantages. Hunter Douglas Vignettes, a particular design of roman shades, offer great versatility as well as complete darkness. A fine choice of window treatment for the classy and elegant abode. Cellular shades are another great choice, known for quality light control and top down bottom up flexibility. This affordable option is a great starter to use in the baby’s room, with a small price tag and many options to choose from.

The crucial thing to remember is that these shades are meant for the comfort of the infant, and in most cases, their parents as well. Picking an option that works in the room and provides much needed serenity, a time to close their eyes and drift into sleep is critical.