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Blinds In Boston; What’s Good In 2020

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This has been a difficult year, with many new changes and we all have more free time to spend working on improving not only ourselves but also our living spaces. As the year progresses, everyone wants to find something new to entertain themselves and work on to keep busy. Some jump on their new spin bike or treadmill, burning off unwanted calories and feeling better about their bodies. Still, more want to add something tangible, build something that will add value to their property. With the warmer weather gone for now it’s time to focus on the inside.  Perhaps, remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is more than most people want to commit to, but painting a room or two and refreshing some interior spaces can be a source of some satisfaction.

What do all those renovations have in common? They may mean that you’ll need to revamp a lot of home furnishings in order to keep the room looking its best, and the easiest way to start is the window treatments.  There are a lot of possible choices in window treatments. Shutters or drapes. Shades or curtains. There are just  so many choices! One of the best options would be the classic blinds. Blinds come in a variety of styles, materials, and colors, for mixing and matching to fit the space, and the feel of the room. In the Greater Boston area, most blinds are made of aluminum, composite materials, or faux wood, or the always popular natural wood. Each offers its own advantages for different situations, and for what works best for each lifestyle..

Aluminum blinds, which are also called bali blinds or mini blinds, offer a sleek and professional look for home or office space. These versatile blinds are lightweight and unobtrusive, without an excessive price tag. This blind is durable and will last a lifetime if treated well. Aluminum blinds can be installed horizontally, as most blinds are, or they can be installed vertically, attached at one end to the top of the window, creating an elegant portal for light to enter the room.

Faux wood and natural wood both add luxury and extravagance to the living space, without deviating from the traditional Boston blind look that so many searches for. They both add wooden accents to the home, and most can be found for very affordable prices. Natural wood blinds cost more than faux wood materials, but the price tag pays for itself with the  traditional feel of real wood we in New Englander appreciate, as well as the rich colors and styles. Faux wood has another advantage  in areas that could cause real wood to warp or rot, and costs less, to keep on the budget without sacrificing appeal. As with aluminum blinds, these can be installed vertically just as they can horizontally, adding a grand and lavish charm to the room.

Now is the perfect time to renovate the house, replace the old and bring out the new. A new clean look can lift spirits and give a sense of accomplishment. Blinds can change the home office or living room, brighten and make the space more comfortable.