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Boston Commercial Shades

Blinds and Shades

At one time viewed as an afterthought and often still underappreciated today, commercial shades and related window treatments are major components of office layout and function. In reference to their name, commercial shades are specially designed window coverings that provide interior shade from the sun, reduce glare, help regulate ambient light and solar heat, and offer on-demand privacy.

Indeed, quality commercial shades have a direct contribution to the performance and organization of an entire organization and should be considered as such a benefit in planning a new or revamping an existing facility. Many commercial facilities will in fact choose window coverings such as solar shades for UV control, durability, energy efficiency, and an all-around increase in productivity and user comfort.

Boston commercial shades meet the challenge

Commercial window shades and treatments must be built to last, easy to use, and easy to maintain. It was once a tall order to find such a product, especially in large quantity, but today these shades comprise a large segment of the market.

For everything from energy efficient window coverings and eco-friendly to fire retardant or child-safe; there are plenty of options to meet the needs of your Boston commercial shades project. At Blinds Side, we appreciate the value of fine quality and work with some of the country’s best commercial shades manufacturers.

Mecho Shades

Founded at the onset of the 1970s oil crisis and subsequent energy conservation programs, Mecho quickly developed a unique roller shade that blended durability and reliability, filling a market void in “solar protection with a view.”

Mecho applied proprietary software to design an automated shading system that leveraged the sun’s natural light to greatly reduce reliance on electricity. With new technology arriving for detecting BTU loads and predicting maximum solar gains, Mecho consistently improved its sustainability offerings and the company’s current product line continues to be an industry leader.


Draper opened their doors in Spiceland, Indiana in 1902 and the company’s commitment to the local community remains strong today. Draper takes pride in domestic production with short lead times, global partnership strategies, and innovative solutions.

Draper’s motorized window shade delivers easy installation in tricky locations, with no wiring required.

Hunter Douglas

An industry leader for a century, Hunter Douglas infuses tireless innovation and quality into their U.S.-assembled products. The company invigorated the industry with intuitive window treatment systems blended seamlessly with gorgeous textiles. In fact, their latest system taps into wireless technology so you can control your window shades from a smartphone or tablet, in addition to an in-house remote.

Oher features including a retractable cord, Duolite light diffusion, and cordless systems make Hunter Douglas a best seller.


Graber is all about detail and the company applies artful designs and options to all of their products, from blinds to draperies. In addition to the highest of standards, Graber offers a lifetime limited warranty and precision installation every step of the way.

Graber’s collections are more than just customized; they are curated to the style and needs of every space in your facility.

The Blinds Side is proud to offer the highest quality Boston commercial shades products from the best names in the business.