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Boston Shades and Blinds for the Summer

Design Roller Shades

This summer has been hot Hot HOT! With all the warm fronts moving through, you probably haven’t had a lot of time where you want to be indoors, away from the warm weather and having fun in the sun. Or you have been like a few of us, stuck with smatterings of wicked hot days followed by a week of rain and clouds. With such a stark difference in the weather from one moment to the next, you have to ask, how are your window treatments holding up. While cheap is no indicator of true quality, not all blinds, shades, and shutters are built to the same standards, regardless of price. So when you are looking for the width and breadth of great options for summer shades, blinds, and all other window treatments for your home in Boston or the surrounding area, the Blinds Side is a great place to start and finish your search.

If you are living in Boston right now, you are probably experiencing that deep heat, and most meteorologists are saying that it is only going to get worse as the summer continues. We’ve already had a few days that reached closed to one hundred degrees, and there are more on the horizon so what you need right now is a set of window treatments with great light and temperature control, ones that will allow you to leave windows open for any possible breeze, but may be able to stop the cold air conditioned room to stay cool. A great starting option to look at are cellular shades. These shades are easily one of the most practically designed sets available on the market. While most well known for keeping the house warm and toasty in the winter, the method by which cellular shades help with temperature control also keeps houses cool in the summer, allowing you to crank that AC up without fear of losing the chill through the windows. What you pay for in the beginning will quickly be made up during the months and years of use, as cellular shades save money from heating and cooling, and more importantly, save you from shivering or sweating depending on the conditions.

If you don’t want something so simple or modern though, but still want the protective and controlling qualities like cellular shades, shutters are a surprisingly functional and efficient choice for a homeowner. Whether you live in the suburbs or in an apartment complex, shutters fit into nearly any motif with ease. You can get them painted to match the color theme of your walls and highlights, or leave them unpainted and stain them for that natural wood appearance. Not to mention all the different designs and presentations, from full length, which have one single shutter panel to run the window, to double hung, where the top half and bottom half of the shutter swing independently, allowing for a lot of personalization. That’s not what you are here for first though. What might surprise you is that since the invention of shutters so many years ago, they have had one purpose. To keep the air inside the house and outside the house separate from one another, so that it is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The materials changed, the techniques have improved and modernised, but the same basic principles still apply. If you want a set of window treatments that will stop heat transfer from one side of the wall to the other, you will want to look at our supply of customizable indoor shutters for your home.