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Choosing bathroom window treatments to match your style

The bathroom is the one room in the home that everyone uses multiple times a day. Aside from taking care of basic human needs, bathrooms provide homeowners with a space to dress, apply makeup, watch television, read, unwind, and relax. Because of the traffic that bathrooms receive, it is understandable that you would want your bathroom to complement the look of the rest of your house.

Bathroom window treatments come in various designs and styles depending on the aesthetic needed. Narrowing down your choice can be difficult. Here’s how to choose bathroom window treatments that match the style of your home:

A Modern Bathroom

If your home’s style leans modern, then you will want to find window treatments that match the clean and minimalistic vibe that modern décor is notorious for. Roman shades or blinds, woven wood shades or blinds, cellular shades, or roll up shades are all great options for a modern bathroom. The key is minimalism. Avoid patterned window treatments if you are striving for a modern bathroom.

A Traditional Bathroom

Classic is classic for a reason – it never goes out of style. A traditional bathroom’s window treatments should reflect elegance and warmth. For a traditional bathroom, shutters that are made with a dark wood or a white wood will always complement a timeless, traditional look and easily complement other design styles if you eventually decide to switch things up a bit.

An Eclectic Bathroom

Bathrooms that have a mix of bohemian, vintage, and retro stylings are all considered to be eclectic. When it comes to fun window treatments, an eclectic bathroom is the perfect canvas for a window treatment that makes eyes pop. Rollers in fun designs and/or drapes that are layered or distressed all have a place in an eclectic bathroom.

A Farmhouse Bathroom

One of the hottest bathroom trends is farmhouse. Farmhouse décor often utilizes neutral tones and incorporates reclaimed wood, large mirrors and sinks, freestanding bathtubs, and antique lighting. For window treatments that complement a farmhouse-style bathroom, shutters or faux wood blinds work wonderfully. Any window treatment that adds a natural texture like woven woods, for example, is encouraged when designing a farmhouse bathroom.

A Coastal Bathroom

Another popular bathroom design style is coastal; this look is most often seen in homes that are near the water. Coastal bathrooms utilize a lot of whites, light blues, and seafoam greens in order to create a peaceful and relaxing environment. White shutters work wonderfully in coastal bathrooms. Woven wood blinds are another great option.

A Mediterranean Bathroom

Mediterranean-styled bathrooms utilize rich colors, patterns, and a lot of detail. Mosaic tiles, doorways with arches, extravagant mirrors, and bronze finishes can all be expected in Mediterranean-influenced bathroom décor. Dark, woven wood blinds that are heavily textured work best with bathrooms that exude high levels of elegance.

Designing any room in your home should be a delightful experience. To find the perfect window treatments for your bathroom windows, contact The Blinds Side today to speak with an expert so that you can get started with designing the bathroom of your dreams.