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Choosing window treatments for the office

Office Solar shades

A benefit to today’s technology is that people are able to work from home. Every day more and more businesses are hiring remote workers to save on overhead costs. If you’re one of those workers, you may be looking to design a home office space that gives you more of a professional environment to work in. Even if you are the owner or manager of a business with a brick and mortar location, you may still be in the market for commercial window treatments for your space.

Regardless of where your office is located, window treatments are an important part of your office design and are a good investment for your workspace.

Temperature Control

Have you ever noticed how on a cool day lowering your blinds can make a huge difference in the temperature of your space? Window treatments can help keep the cold out and the warmth in, which creates energy savings that are friendly for your budget.

Noise Control

While window coverings cannot completely block out noise, they can drastically reduce external noises that can interrupt you while you’re working.  Commercial window shades can serve as sound barriers for your workspace and help minimize disruptions to your productivity.

Lighting Control

Allowing the right amount of natural light in your workspace is important in designing the proper office environment. Too much light in your office can create a glare on your computer screen and reduce your productivity.  However, too little light can also make it difficult to see your equipment and can be disruptive when hosting meetings.

Window shades provide a lighting system that is easy to control as you’re working throughout the day.

Increase Privacy and Reduce Distractions

Window shades are a great way to give your workspace increased privacy. They also help eliminate distractions that can affect your productivity. This is especially important when working on projects that require your complete focus and attention.


You may think that all window treatments function the same way, but you would be wrong. Different styles of window coverings have drastically different benefits:

  • Layered shades let you control the natural light in your space and also let you have more privacy
  • Motorized blinds are a convenient option that allows you to control your shades remotely. This can be a great choice for busy executives who want to remotely adjust the lighting in a space without interrupting their work.

Consider your Budget

Window treatments don’t have to break the bank. Higher-end options usually cost more based on the materials used. However, there are also less expensive options that are still good quality. It’s important to shop around so that you have a true understanding of the cost for window coverings, which allows you to properly plan your budget.


Window treatments are a great investment and are a part of branding your business. They help your office standout and add real value to your space. Give The Blinds Side a call today to discuss window treatment options for your office that are great for your workspace and your budget: (410) 220-5596.