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Closing your blinds up or down: which is best?

Solar Shades and Drapes

Many debates that are often seen as “trivial” have staunch supporters on each side; from the placement of a toilet paper roll to how one cuts a sandwich, these daily-task debates can turn even the most docile of individuals into a politician of sorts.

Another “this or that” topic of conversation is whether blinds should be closed up or down. Unlike debates that come down to a personal preference, when it comes to blinds, the answer is not so cut and dry; in fact, it often depends on the time of day.

Up or Down?

Most blinds are designed so that they close tightly when in the down position. However, it is important to note that just because they have been designed in such a way, that does not mean that down is always best. The time of day plays a big role in whether or not your blinds should be positioned up or down.


During the daytime hours, it is recommended that you position your blinds in the up position. This will help prevent damage from the sun’s UV rays. While UV rays only make up a small percentage of the sun’s rays, they can be detrimental to your health, as well as your home due to their ability to fade and deteriorate woods and fabrics over time.

With your blind’s slats in the up position, you will still be able to receive natural light without the worry of incoming UV rays. In fact, while windows without blinds are only able to block upwards of 50% of UV rays, blinds are able to block anywhere from 90-99% of the sun’s UV rays and can help regulate a home’s temperature.


When nighttime hits, placing your blind’s slats in the down position is best. When in the down position, your blinds block more incoming light. Keeping them down will enable you to sleep soundly as the body requires darkness in order to produce melatonin, the hormone responsible for the quality and length of sleep. Positioning your blinds downward also increases your overall privacy.

The only time that it is recommended that you position your blinds in the up position during the nighttime hours is if you prefer to wake up with the sun. If you are an early riser and prefer to awaken naturally with the sunrise, downwardly positioned blinds may not provide your room with enough light to wake you from your slumber.

As you can see, positioning your blinds goes beyond preferences and is deeply rooted in the time of day. Remember that upward facing blinds do best when you are “up” and awake during the daytime hours; downward facing blinds are best when you are “down” and ready to go to sleep during the nighttime hours.

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