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Comfort and Security with Blackout Drapes

Window Treatments

Drapes are an excellent way to add class to your home, store or restaurant. These heavy fabric window treatments add panache and style to the space allowing for a load of different and unique custom options. Their wide variety allows for drapes to fit in with any stylistic choices made for the space, as well as making them a versatile choice to pair with other window treatments in order to get the most out of your preferences. Pair drapes with roman shades for a great romantic restaurant setting, or with curtains to maximise the light control of your bedroom. There are many ways to utilize the window treatment to create the best setting for the room. One underused method of adding to the space is the use of blackout drapes. These drapes, as their name suggests, block out all light, providing a clear distinction between the inside and outside world.

There are many uses for blackout drapes depending on the space, it’s uses, and the people that are going to be in it. You wouldn’t use drapes in a restaurant for the same reason as you would in a living room or bedroom. Whether they are there to provide light control, interrupt the flow of heat from one side of the window to the other, or simply to look good, there aren’t many better options than blackout drapes. In the bedroom, they can provide those few crucial extra hours of sleep while looking fantastic and adding to the value of your home, while they set the mood in many ways when utilized in a restaurant setting. Why blackout drapes over other styles of drapery? Because the amount of light control allowed by blackout drapes works perfectly no matter the setting.

Blackout drapes work well when paired with another set of window treatment, using one to completely darken a room and provide absolute privacy while the other allows for softer light to shine through and can be framed by the drapes with beautiful precision. My own personal favorite pairing with drapes would be flat roman shades. Both are well suited to creating a more traditional atmosphere, and are easy to control. They also won’t get in the other’s way. Folded roman shades, for example, may interfere if drapes are too close to them folded up, disrupting the neat folds and scraping against each other. Flat roman shades, solar shades and even certain styles of blinds and shutters can be paired with drapes to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Then there are the classic pairing, drapes and curtains. Curtains are thin enough to allow a lot of soft light through, which is a plus when working with blackout drapes, giving you many more options, and curtains often have delicate patterns to the drapes often heavier appearance. This duality is how you create style in a space, off setting soft light with complete darkness, and delicate looks with a solid charm.

There are times when a bit of natural light can be a balm for the soul, and there are times where complete darkness or electrical light can set a mood or allow one to sleep. Regardless of the reason for choosing blackout drapes, this window treatment is a perfect option for those who need a bit more control.