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Coordination of Color and Style in Multiple Window Coverings


Cohesion is the name of the game when it comes to home decor, whether it is in a single room, or spread throughout the entire house, you want the space to follow a theme that is both charming to look at and comfortable to live in. There are a lot of different ways to play this out as well, planning on creating a space that is soothing to the mind and eye while not having a tangled mess of different styles working against each other. What you want is for the themes of the room to blend together while still being individually pleasing in their own space. One surefire way to start is to have a common wall paint color running throughout the major areas of the house, like the living room, kitchen, hallways, and master bedroom. This will allow you to have more freedom with the design and theme than you would otherwise have. Just like with the wall paint, the style and matching of floors can also have an impact on the look of the overall house as well. Then there are the window treatments, which are very important to creating cohesion and uniformity. Where the paint and the floors might only be viewed from the inside, window coverings can be seen from both the inside and the outside, making it all the more important to match them, especially on the street-facing side of the house.

You want the front of your home to be uniform, not a mash of different colors and styles, which could be difficult if you have flat roman shades in the bedroom, roller shades in the kitchen, and drapes in the living room. From the outside, your home would not exactly look like a sane domicile. Choosing one set of window treatments for the front of the house is an easy fix, but it is not the only one. Many types of window treatments can look similar, either from both side, like solar and roller shades, or from one side, like woven wood shades and roman shades, which can be lined on their back to present a uniform front to the outside, while having different visual appearances on the inside, where the room’s cohesion matters more to the viewer. This matters a lot for the front of the house, but not so much for the backyard, where there is less eyes on the style and you can have a freer hand with how you want your house to look.

While you can pick out the best window treatments for one or the other, creating a flow between the street view and the indoor view is one of the best ways to combine the visual appeal of the house with the charm of it’s window treatments. Cellular shades and roller shades have a fairly neutral color viewed from the street, while roman shades, drapes, and other window treatments that have linings backing them all create the outdoor view you want, with the freedom of home decor and design that can be fun to mix, match, and play with inside.