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Different barely there window treatment ideas

Custom Window Treatments

Not everyone wants bright, colorful curtains adorning their windows. Sometimes, you want window treatments that are subtle, especially during the warmer, sunnier months of the year. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to keep your windows bare to enjoy natural light and warmth.

There are window treatments available that are so inconspicuous, it is as if they are not there at all. Here are a few barely-there window treatments that can add to your home’s aesthetic without compromising on the openness that bare windows provide.

Sheer Shades

Sheer shades are a mix of blinds and shades. They perform similarly to binds but are airy, light, and translucent. They provide soft light control and are ideal for those who want an easy-to-maintain “barely there” window treatment option. Light can still enter the home despite keeping the shades closed; this makes sheer shades great window treatment options for those who live in tropical climates and want the natural light without the excess heat.

Further, when it comes to sheer window treatments, sheer shades will provide a homeowner with more light control than their airy counterpart, sheer drapery.

Sheer Drapery

Like sheer shades, sheer drapery filters out the outside light in a soft and elegant way. If you have larger windows, sheer drapery is a perfect and elegant window treatment option. Sheer drapery floats and sways when a breeze rolls in and immediately turns any room into a sanctuary of sorts. This is the also the perfect way to romanticize a room; you will typically see sheer drapery in the rooms of elegant beachside resorts as sheer drapery complements an ocean breeze rather nicely.

Sheer drapery, while usually seen in white, can also be purchased in other shades as well for a pop of color without having to purchase heavy drapery. Additionally, sheer drapery can be layered with heavy drapery if you sometimes prefer to fully block outside light. This option works well in bedrooms where you sometimes prefer to wake up on your own versus when the sun rises.

Solar Shades

Solar shades provide a room with an overall contemporary vibe. They reduce glare and incoming light without blocking one’s view to the outside world. Often referred to as sunglasses for windows, solar shades also block harmful UV rays from entering the home and increase your home’s overall energy efficiency. Solar shades come in various levels of openness in order to ensure that a homeowner can choose the amount of visual transparency and light control that he or she prefers.

Barely-there window treatments like sheer drapery, sheer shades, and solar shades are a great way to provide your home with a pleasing aesthetic and cozy feel without having to compromise on how much natural light and/or warmth enters your home. If you are considering barely-there window treatments for the various rooms in your home, contact The Blinds Side today at (410) 402-5158 to speak with an expert about your window treatment options and what style will meet your specific needs.