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Get help surviving the summer heat with solar shades

Conference Room with Solar Shades

The heat during the summertime can be brutal. As the temperature outside begins to rise, most of us are forced to resort to using expensive methods to stay cool. Fortunately, there are other, less costly ways to regulate the temperature of your home so that you and your family can remain comfortable all season long.

Blinds and shades are a simple, budget-friendly way to block out the summer heat. Try out a few of our suggestions to survive summer using these solar shades:

Cellular Window Shades to Block the Heat

Cellular shades feature a honeycomb design with heat blocking capabilities to help you survive those long, hot summers. The unique structure of these shades makes them a stylish option for your living space. Not only will these window coverings keep the heat out, but they will also protect your home from noise pollution, dust and debris, cold winter temperatures, and block harmful UV rays from the sun. The shades are a popular option among homeowners who enjoy the energy-efficiency these window coverings provide, along with their many other benefits.

Here are some important features to note about Cellular (honeycomb) shades:

  • Provides Insulation: A honeycomb design that provides insulation that blocks heat from entering the home.
  • Customizable Design: Can be custom-made to meet the specific needs of the homeowner.
  • Easy to maintain: Not only are these shades a budget-friendly option for homeowners, but they are also super easy to clean.
  • Heat Blocking Capabilities: These shades have a heat thermal insulation value (R-value factor), making them a top choice for keeping out the heat.


Exterior Heat Blocking Solar Shades

Exterior blinds and shades are oftentimes more effective than interior options. This is because these blinds are able to block out heat and light before it reaches your window and causes the temperature of the space to rise.


Interior Heat Blocking Solar Shades

Solar shades offer heat blocking capabilities and work well with floor-to-ceiling windows and large windows that get a lot of direct sunlight. They feature a sheer weave design that allows the homeowners to control exactly how much light they want entering the space. The best part about solar shades is that they allow you to block UV rays and keep your room cool without sacrificing your view.

Natural Shades

Natural shades are another great window shade option for blocking out the heat. The shades are made from sustainable materials like bamboo, wood, grass, and jute. They are an eco-friendly option that comes in natural colors that fit well with any style home. Add an appropriate liner for even better light control, insulation, and of course, heat blocking.

Roller and Roman Shades

Both of these options are cost-effective and come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and weaves. Roller shades have a roller bar that is installed at the top of the window. Roman shades are designed using fabric that is then assembled into a series of folds. As a rule of thumb, choosing a heavier fabric for your shades helps you better control the amount of privacy, light, and heat that enters your space.