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Going Motorized; Picking Somfy Motorization

Restaurant Window Coverings

You may already have found the perfect window treatment for your home, a top quality product that comes in just that perfect color and has that beautiful pattern. You may even think that there is not much else to do besides purchase it and install it in your new home. What you may not realize is that there is another option that will add value to your home and an ease and comfort that only comes with something of true luxury. If you have not yet bought a new set of window treatments, but are planning to, it may be good to explore adding on a system that would be easy to use, give your home the added comfort and leisure, and give your home a smart automated solution to some possible problems.

Choosing to go motorized adds a lot of variety and versatility to the way that you can utilize window treatments in your home. Not only does it allow for a quick and easy way to control the quality of light and light filtration in your home at the press of a button, but it allows for easy control over hard to reach window treatments. I remember my aunt having a set of shades on the second story that were out of reach and had to be pulled up and down by a long metal rod and hook. As my aunt and uncle got older, I noticed the fact that the window was never open anymore, or only open when their son was around to open and close it for them. If they had the option to control their window treatment through motorization, I suspect that the window would have been open a lot more than what it was.

If you are thinking about purchasing a window treatment from manufacturers like Hunter Douglas, Graber, or Comfortex, it is likely that the window treatment will have a motorization option to come with it. Among the suppliers for motorization for window treatments, Somfy stands out as a clear leader in it’s field. Starting in 1980, somfy has created over 150 million motorized solutions for window coverings. The company serves both commercial and residential markets and has a history of over 270 million satisfied customers worldwide.

Somfy motorization can be paired with an electronic remote, or with an app on your phone for ease of use anywhere in your house. Trained experts can easily and affordably install the window treatment and motorization mechanism, allowing you to calmly and comfortably get used to them in your own home. Some of the indoor and exterior window treatments that can be paired with a somfy motorized system are blinds, draperies, rolling shutters, shades, and solar screens.

Picking out a new window treatment is a matter of taste, window fit, and budget. Picking out the Somfy Motorization system is a matter of luxury and convenience in your home. A unique and extravagant addition to any living space or place of business, Somfy provides effortless benefits and durable systems for your use.