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Going Old School with Boston Shades

Commercial Window Coverings

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before; you are getting dressed in your favorite team’s colors, and have finally gotten all your children in line, ready to go see the games. The arena is packed to the brim, but you’ve gotten your seats up in the nosebleeds anyway. Problem is, you can’t see the gladiator fighting the lion with the sun beating down on your head and in your eyes. Good news, the romans have discovered a solution for that. Massive horizontal shades are pulled over the arena, blocking out the sun and giving your family some of the best seats in the house.

None of us will remember a time when gladiator’s fought at Caesar’s command, but we all know what it is like to have the sun getting into space we do not want it too. Those very same roman shades from all those years ago are still available today, to put up in your Boston apartment, beachfront restaurant, or suburban home. For its ancient basic design, these shades go the extra mile, looking brilliant in a living room, drawn up or let down. Roman shades come in a variety of colors and have several different designs.

The ones closest to the old roman colosseum would have to be flat roman shades. These shades eliminate the possibility of escaping light with their smooth surface, preventing light from escaping through the sides of the window treatment. Pairing these shades with other varieties of window treatments can create striking effects and increase the performance of the shades against light and heat better than they could alone.

Hunter Douglas also has an exclusive design of their own, the Hunter Douglas Vignette. This style of roman shade has more modern taste than its contemporaries, and its unique duolite feature allows for differing levels of light filtration. Differing from other two shade systems, the unique design of the roller allows for a sleek look that doesn’t take away from the style of these Boston shades.

Then there are the stacked roman shades, which fit in with more luxurious arrangements. They would do well in opulent bedrooms, gorgeous dining rooms and elegant restaurant settings. These shades are manifestations of the personality of the house owner and the room, matching the look and luxury of fine dining halls and theaters.

All three varieties come in a plethora of different colors and patterns, from an understated and official flat grey, to a mix of white, red and black waves that run down the Boston shades.  The traditional feel of roman shades can influence the openness of your home, whether it’s a  one bedroom  in Fenway or a penthouse overlooking Boston Harbor, these shades blend seamlessly with existing or new furnishings to bring the space together.