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Honeycomb Shades; Your Room, Your Life, Your Space

Office Solar Shades

Looking to spruce up your home this holiday season with a classic design that will make your space really pop? Want to find something professional and understated without it being ignored? You may be looking for honeycomb shades to help make your living space look new and fresh. An unmistakable look, the variety of choices with these shades means they can fit into any furnished home, or be used as a starting point to center a room around.

Honeycomb Shades use a distinct, classic pattern of cloth hexagons to create their unmistakable look and use. There is no unwieldy string to pull and struggle with, the work is all inside the honeycombs themselves. Strings inside the shade hold it in the precise height that is wanted, with no unnecessary labor to find the perfect spot. When fully drawn up, these shades are nearly unnoticeable, taking up very little space. These shades are easy to clean and maintain as well. Most designs only need light, and a quick dusting and vacuuming on occasions to continue looking their best. And if something were to spill on them? They’re self-contained design allows them to come off with ease. No need for any tools, simply slip them off the hanger. They can be washed with warm water and a gentle detergent.

Honeycomb shades come with a variety of features and compositions. Simple ones are hung from the top of the window, and are easy to conceal, or pull down. Others are more complex, using a sleek partition to connect two different colors of cellular shades to give the room a mature, organized appearance. This design also allows for precise control over the level of lighting in a room. Using a lighter color allows for more light and a brighter room area, while using a darker shade can prevent harsh light from blinding you or bleaching your living space.  The hexagonal structure of the cloth shades traps heat, keeping the room temperature stable and comfortable.

These hexagonal structures also come in pairs, called Hunter Douglas Duettes. This type of cellular shade  has two lines of honeycomb, side by side. This style specializes in an effect called blackout, completely or mostly eliminating outside light from a space. This design is beneficial in bedrooms, nurseries and man-caves, where control of light is essential for those enjoying the space. Whether you need to sleep off a night of work during the day, or watch a big game right at sundown, these shades remove unwanted brightness.

Cellular shades have a distinct design that really sets them apart from other blinds. Like their namesake, these shades use a honeycomb pattern, a sharp and recognizable form that isn’t gaudy. This unique look can change the appearance of any space it’s used in. Offices will appreciate the sleek design and the decrease in harsh light that can make it hard to view computer screens. Homes will see more control of natural light in their setting, and will keep rooms cool in the summer, and trap heat in the winter. There is no space that can’t be enhanced by the stream-lined and elegant design.