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Hot Window Treatment Trends for 2020

Woven Shades

If you’re tired of the outdated window treatments that have been in your home for years or you’re looking to upgrade damaged window treatments, it’s not a bad idea to see what’s trending in the coming year.  In 2020, some major changes are on the horizon, and you can get the jump on your style overhaul by adding new shutters, blinds, shades, drapes, or popular features to your home.  Here are just a few of the hottest window treatment trends for 2020.

Getting Shady

Blinds have been extremely popular for years, but recently, shades have started to experience an uptick in popularity.  Roller shades, once considered somewhat simple and underwhelming, are undergoing a resurgence thanks to new materials, prints, and other improvements that have made them a real competitor to alternatives like shutters and blinds.

Also popular are Roman shades, which add depth and dimension, especially when layered with other window treatments.  Solar shades are gaining interest, as well, thanks to options that preserve the view while blocking harmful UV rays that can bleach interior surfaces and contribute to heat gain in the home.  Solar shades offer an energy-efficient window covering that pairs well with secondary window treatments like drapes.

Warm Neutrals

Shades of gray have been popular in both foundational design (flooring, paint, and cabinetry) and accessories for a while now, but for 2020, new neutrals are on the horizon.  Popular hues will include warm, sandy tones like beiges, browns, golden tans, and taupes that have already been showing up in the fashion world for fall.

Those who are drawn to cool neutrals can still get a modern look by choosing lilac hues in lieu of grays.  In addition, it looks like pale blues and cool greens are going to be big, with plenty of people looking to add a little tranquility to their homes – no surprise as we move into a stressful election year.

Smart Features

Climbing over furniture to tangle with drapes or blinds can be a real hassle, which is why more and more homeowners are seeking smart alternatives like motorized and automated features for their window treatments.  Whether you use a remote or an app on your phone, you can control cordless window treatments like blinds, shades, and drapes with the push of a button for optimal convenience.

Safety First

Many families have kids and pets, and these households are understandably concerned about minimizing safety hazards in the home.  While automation can help to avoid potential issues, safety starts with cordless window treatments, and 2020 will see this trend grow to accommodate consumer demand.

Layered Looks

Some homeowners like the simplicity of a single window treatment like shutters or blinds, but this can leave windows looking a bit bare.  This is why layered looks continue to gain popularity heading into 2020.  Getting the look is as easy as adding drapes to complement and enhance existing window treatments like shutters, shades, or blinds, and you can even add multiple curtains, like sheers and drapes, for a lush, dimensional tableau that elevates the richness of your décor.