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How Commercial Blinds Can Improve Your Office Lighting

Roman Shades and Drapes

Lighting is an important element of the office environment, from both practical and aesthetic standpoints.  In terms of pure functionality, employees need adequate lighting to operate safely and complete their work.  This lighting could come from both electric and natural sources.

However, certain types of lighting can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the environment, literally casting the interior in the best light.  This can result in a variety of appealing outcomes for business owners, such as creating a positive impression on visiting clients, as well as supporting a productive work environment.

How do commercial blinds factor into this equation?  How can these popular window treatments improve your office lighting?  Here are a few things you should know.

Reduce Glare

Using sunlight to illuminate your office interior is appealing for a variety of reasons.  For one thing, it can help you to cut back on the use of electric fixtures during daylight hours, increasing energy efficiency and reducing utility expenses.  In addition, warm, natural light tends to be less harsh and irritating than, say, fluorescent lighting.

Of course, there are bound to be times of day when the exposure to sunlight becomes less appealing.  When early morning or late afternoon sun nears the horizon and streams directly through large banks of windows, the glare can blind employees, as well as hit computer monitors, making images practically impossible to see.

With office blinds in place, you have the option to adjust natural light coming in to suit your needs.  The right blinds allow for filtered natural light to suffuse your work environment while eliminating the worst of the glare so as not to impede productivity.

Reduce Heat Transfer

Windows are a common source of heat transfer in any building, with sunlight heating up interior spaces during summer months, and bought air seeping out, to be replaced by chilly drafts, during cold, winter months.  Your blinds can help on both accounts, by keeping out the sun’s heat-producing rays, but also by creating a barrier that adds an extra layer of insulation against heat escaping.  You can not only control lighting with blinds, but also the interior temperature, to an extent.

Minimize Eye Strain and Migraines

The flicker of fluorescent lights, common in office settings where a bright wash of light is sometimes necessary, can be hard to deal with in and of itself.  However, when paired with staring at a computer monitor all day, the combination can be hazardous.

The warring flickers of these two light sources could leave employees suffering from eye strain, blurry vision, and headaches, including migraines in people who are prone to them.  With blinds to control natural light coming in, you may be able to ditch electric lighting in favor of kinder, gentler illumination.

Improve Mood

Lighting ergonomics are nothing new, but many businesses are paying closer attention to operational mentalities that reduce employee complaints and improve productivity.  Opening blinds to let natural light into workspaces can help to improve mood, morale, and performance, which is good for both workers and the companies that employ them.

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