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How Maintain Different Designs of Window Treatments

Cellular Shades

Picture this; you’ve just bought a new set of shades for an upstairs office space and you want to make sure they are going to be looking good for as long as possible. You keep them mostly out of the reach of your children and pets, and make sure that the room itself is always clean, but that doesn’t stop the accumulation of dust and dirt that will build up without a little cleaning and maintenance. Then there is the fact that there are quite a few different materials used to make the various designs of window treatments, and not all of them can be treated and cleaned in the same way. There are some similarities between different styles, depending on the material used and the construction, but then there are the three different patterns, mainly separated by the material used. Shades are mostly made with fabric, layered in different ways, while blinds, can be made from composite wood, natural wood, or even aluminum. Shutters are much the same as blinds, being composed of composite or real wood.

Cleaning a fabric window treatment, such as cellular shades, roman shades, or drapes and curtains is fairly simple. For drapes, curtains and cellular shades, a good brushing with a feather duster or using a brush head attachment on a vacuum is all that’s needed for regular cleaning. If there happens to be a stain spot, gently blot the spot with a damp rag or soft sponge, treating the window treatment with care. Other shades, like solar shades and roller shades are more durable and resistant to mold, and can be wiped down with a damp cloth or vacuumed with a brush head. Be sure to check with the manufacturer or distributor about the durability and resistance of your window treatment.

On the other end of the spectrum are composite wood window treatments, as well as real wood blinds and shutters. You should refrain from using water or water based cleaning agents on real wood, as there is a real risk of the wood bending and warping. Wipe the slats with a dry cloth to get rid of dust and dirt, or use a brush head vacuum. Composite wood is tougher, and resistant to water, meaning that you can wipe them down with a dry cloth or feather duster, and then go back over them with a damp cloth with a small amount of detergent.

Finally, aluminum blinds are perhaps the toughest material to clean and the most resistant to damage. As long as you don’t bend the slats, cleaning them is as simple as using either dry cloth or a rag dampened by warm water to wipe down the surface. Should a slat be rather grimy, you can remove it and soak it in a warm water and detergent mix, remaining careful not to bend it.

These are some simple tips on the cleaning of your window treatments. It’s easy to keep any style or design of shade, blind, shutter or drape from becoming too dirty and grimy. Simply keep up the maintenance and make sure to clean them every once in a while, and they will continue to protect you and your family.