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How modern window treatments can help improve your sleep

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You may have tried turning off your phone before bed, or maybe you chose reading over watching television. Whatever the case, as technology develops people are having to power down before bed in order to restore their good night’s sleep.

Turning off your electronic devices may not be enough to improve your quality of sleep. Modern window treatments can actually help to create a sleep-positive environment in your bedroom. Here are a few ways in which window treatments can help improve your sleep.

Blocking Out Light

Unwanted light is the number one offender that keeps people awake. You may not even realize you are awakened several times a night by passing cars, emergency vehicles, automatic street lights, or your neighbor’s floodlights. While it may seem innocuous, almost any amount of light can disrupt your sleep.

If you are an early riser you may not mind being awakened by the sun. Alternately, if you are looking to sleep in, or are a person who works at night and sleeps during the day, you may want to consider shades that block out the sun’s rays.

With blackout roller solar shades, also known as roller shades, you can make your bedroom completely dark, creating a nighttime feel no matter what time of day.

Soundproofing Your Room

Light is not the only outside annoyance that can keep you up at night, or awaken you in the morning. The noises created by passing cars, trains, and neighbors can be inconvenient when trying to sleep. Adding thick and dimensional window treatments can often help minimize neighborhood sounds that disrupt your sleep.

Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are a popular type of window covering. Made of bonded fabric that forms honeycomb shaped cells, these shades offer a single, double or even triple-layer design that blocks out noises and creates a peaceful setting in your bedroom.

Maintaining a Comfortable Temperature

Finding the right temperature is crucial in a steady night’s sleep. Drafts from windows can make it difficult to maintain a solid temperature from the time you go to sleep until you wake up. Getting the right window treatments adds an extra layer of insulation in your bedroom, making it easier to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The design of cellular shades creates an effective barrier between the window and the room and helps to prevent weather-related temperature changes. Blackout shades can also help in the summer by blocking out the sun’s rays.

Choosing The Best Treatment For You

We all know the effects of improper sleep. If you find yourself waking up groggy, or feel sluggish throughout the day, it might be time to consider your quality of sleep in relation to your window treatments.

As there are many types of window treatments available, it can be hard to figure out what is right for your bedroom. If you have questions or are ready for some new shades, contact the professionals at The Blinds Side. We can help you get the sleep you have been missing.