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How natural light can affect productivity and your health

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When it comes to office design, natural light has become a hot topic of conversation. Gone are the days of promoting fluorescent lighting and for good reason. Aside from the fact that natural light is more aesthetically pleasing than faux light, it has also been shown to positively affect productivity and health – two things that are essential for business success.

The Detriments of Faux Light

Many employers place a high emphasis on increased productivity. They make sure that their offices are ergonomically friendly, spacious, and well-designed. However, an often overlooked yet crucial design factor is the implementation of natural light. In fact, studies have shown that a whopping 68% of employees have reported to be unhappy with the lighting that is currently in their offices, noting that it is either too harsh or too dim.

The detrimental effects of harsh or dim lighting go beyond simply disliking the look of a room (with that being said, unhappiness with one’s space alone is enough to decrease productivity). Dim lighting usually results in eye strain, headaches, and drowsiness; all factors that contribute to lower employee morale. Harsh lighting can cause also cause eye strain and debilitating migraines. For these reasons, dim and harsh lighting can greatly decrease productivity and can even affect the health of your employees.

The Benefits of Natural Light

Windows are crucial for overall individual satisfaction. Natural light is not only more aesthetically-pleasing than its faux counterpart, it is necessary for one’s overall health. Humans require a certain amount of natural light in order to regulate various things like mood, productivity, alertness, sleep, and various aspects of our overall physiology.

Workplaces that have made it a point to prioritize natural light have reported seeing upwards of a 40% increase in overall productivity, a decrease in overall error rates, and a 15% increase in overall creativity. Productivity aside, regular exposure to natural light helps people improve their quality of sleep and their energy levels. When compared to office workers that do not have access to natural light, those with access have been shown to sleep an additional 46 more minutes per night.

With more sleep, employees are more productive and have a better overall immune response. This results in fewer sick days taken. Additionally, constant exposure to natural light raises one’s vitamin D levels; this can lessen symptoms of depression, especially during the winter months when many people in colder climates are indoors more than they are outdoors.

Blinds for Natural Light

In the workplace or at home, receiving incoming natural light is important. However, especially in an office setting, reducing glare is also important as glare can negatively affect productivity. In order to get the best of both worlds, window treatments need to be strategically chosen. A window treatment that reduces glare without blocking incoming light is the solar shade. Available in an array of styles and colors, solar shades can complement any home or office.

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