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How solar shades help you beat the heat

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During the hot summer months, our first instinct is always to crank up the air conditioning. However, this is a huge drain on energy, which can cause your monthly utility bills to skyrocket. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to keeping your home or office space cool and comfortable, even during a heat wave. Solar shades are a smart and efficient way to significantly reduce heat gain in the summer, and can even help prevent heat loss during the colder seasons. Here are a few reasons we recommend solar shades as an option for your space:

Reflect Solar Heat 

Too much sun entering a space can quickly heat up your room and wreak havoc on your budget. Solar shades allow you to reflect sunrays and improve overall energy efficiency. For homes that are located in warmer climates, solar shades provide much-need relief from uncomfortable temperatures.

If you’re hoping to install window treatments to help block out the heat, there are a variety of options on the market to meet your specific needs. Light-colored shades block out a ton of exterior light, although not as effectively as dark-colored shades. These shades are most often placed in common spaces where people gather to socialize.

Darker solar shades, on the other hand, are usually installed in bedrooms because they are highly effective at reducing the amount of light entering the space. The dark shade color also means that they are great at absorbing heat so your room stays comfortable no matter how warm it gets.

Protect Against UV Rays

UV rays are not only dangerous for you, but can also be damaging to your flooring, furniture, and wall art. Over time, these items can become sun-bleached and may result in you having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace what was destroyed. Be kind to your wallet by investing in solar shades to protect your most valuable assets.

Preserve Your View

Solar shades are super effective at reducing glare and adding additional privacy to your space. At the same time, they allow you to let in just the right amount of natural light without forcing you to sacrifice those gorgeous views sitting just outside of your window.

Make Your Space Feel More Open

Solar shades are a popular option because while they offer adequate protection from the sun, they still manage to let in lots of natural light. This openness is attractive for many people, while still managing to be effective at blocking heat.

Features To Fit Every Need

Solar shades come outfitted with a number of features. Some even allow you to operate your shades electronically using a remote. Motorized shades are an ideal option for larger windows or spaces where the windows are hard to reach.

Perhaps the best reason to consider solar shades is that they can be a great fit, even in homes with small children and pets. That’s because they are available in both cordless and chinless options. Whatever you choose, you can be comfortable knowing that your solar shades will provide you with plenty of sun protection and are built to last.