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How to Childproof the Windows in Your Home

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Children are prone to accidents, as every parent knows. As their motor skills develop and they learn to crawl, walk, and move through the world, their curious nature is going to lead to tumbles and trouble along the way. This is why you work so hard to childproof your home, where the vast majority of accidents befall babies, toddlers, and small children.

According to the 2015 Safe Kids Worldwide article “Report to the Nation: Protecting Children in Your Home”, more than 3,300 children under the age of five are injured falling out of windows each year, and about eight actually die. This doesn’t even include related injuries due to accidentally breaking glass windows, for example. How can you childproof the windows in your home to eliminate the potential for such accidents? Here are a few strategies to employ.

Add Locks and/or Stops

Just as you install locks on cabinet doors and drawers to stop curious toddlers from getting into the trash, toxic chemical cleaners, and dangerous cooking implements like pots, pans, and knives, you can install childproof window locks to stop them from opening sliding windows and falling through. Most mount onto frames and can be easily removed when your child is old enough to understand the dangers of leaning on window screens.

If you enjoy fresh air in your home and you like to keep windows cracked open, you can add window stops, or wedge-shaped attachments that stop windows from sliding open past a certain point. This way, you can keep windows open just enough to get fresh air, without the worry about your toddler falling through.

Add Window Guards

Another option if you’re worried about the addition of locks or stops that could make it difficult to get out a window during emergency situations (like a house fire) is to install window guards. These grille-like products can be attached to the lower portion of a window to keep toddlers and small children from reaching the screen even when the window is open. You’ll want to make sure to look for models that are impossible for kids to open, but that you can quickly unlatch in case of an emergency.

Add Window Film

The greatest fear for many parents is kids falling through open windows, but clumsy or rambunctious kids could also be at risk for breaking glass, which could shatter into a million pieces and pose an incredible hazard. The simple solution is to add a window film designed to contain shards should the pane be broken. It’s easy to apply, it won’t block your view, and in some cases, you’ll get UV protection in the process.

Choose the Right Window Coverings

Now that you’ve secured the frames and glass, it’s time to make sure your window coverings won’t pose a hazard to growing kids. It’s probably best to skip long drapes that kids might grab onto and inadvertently pull down on themselves. However, a bigger potential danger is pull cords for blinds or shades. These can be both a choking and a strangulation hazard.

The good news is, you can find a variety of cordless options to create a safer environment for your children. Just contact the specialists at The Blinds Side at 410-630-6940 or [email protected] to learn more about safe window treatments for your home.