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How to choose commercial window shades

Roman Shades and Drapes

Choosing window treatments for your commercial space is a big decision. Depending on the size and function of your commercial space, you may be talking about a lot of window treatments. That’s a big investment. When choosing the right type of shade for you and your business, you should consider certain key elements.

The best step in deciding which window treatments are best for your commercial space is to consult with a window treatment specialist. They will use their expertise to steer you towards the best blinds, shades, drapes, or curtains for your budget and business.

Safety first

The first thing to consider is safety. Depending on what your commercial space is used for, how safe are the window treatments that you’re considering? Do you have a lot of people in your space often? Or does your business only necessitate a few people to inhabit the space during business hours?

Now consider what would happen in the event of an emergency. Would the window treatments in any way hinder or impede those people from exiting the building? This is an important consideration and should be dealt with at the outset.

You may also need to contact your building’s supervisor in order to make sure that the window treatments you’ve chosen adhere to the state’s regulations for that commercial space.


If your commercial space houses employees for the majority of the daytime hours, you will want to consider their comfort when deciding which window treatments to buy. Control styles should be easily understood and manipulated by your employees. You should also provide as wide a range as possible for the amount of light and direct sunlight that comes through the windows of your commercial space.

Everyone has a particular preference when it comes to how much light and sun they get, especially if it’s an office that they occupy five days a week. Opt for window treatments that will afford every employee a choice. You don’t want the people who are working with you to be overly hot or overly cold.

If you have windows that are facing directly east or west, they will let in a lot of light and create a lot of heat. You may want to consider heavier window treatments in these windows to block out the distracting rays.


Consider your brand and what that means to you. You can then apply these ideas to your decision-making when it comes to the window treatments for your commercial space. Is there a certain color scheme associated with your business? If so, consider matching your window treatments to your business’s color scheme.

Are you looking for an overall modern, clean look? Or are you looking to attract customers with a cozy, lived-in feel? This determination will help you decide whether you need blinds or shades, and what your window treatments will look like.

The most helpful step you can take in choosing window treatments for your commercial space is to consult with a window treatment specialist, like those at The Blinds Side. They will make the process go smoothly.