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How to choose the perfect shades or blinds for your restaurant

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Choosing the perfect shades or blinds for your restaurant is more than a simple interior design decision. In fact, selecting the wrong window treatments can have a negative impact on your business’ profits.

Most restaurant owners fail to think about how extreme temperature changes affect overhead costs. During the summer and winter months, your heating and air conditioning unit has to work overtime to regulate the temperature in your building. However, installing window treatments can provide you with significant savings in energy costs.

For this reason, business owners should thoroughly research their options to ensure that they choose window treatments that will work well for both their restaurant and their budget.

Consider seasonal weather changes

Restaurants located in regions that experience extreme temperature changes during different seasons will benefit from the use of window treatments.  Commercial grade solar shades for example are a great option, especially for restaurant owners who need to cover a lot of windows.

They can also help protect customers by shielding your guests from UV rays in the summertime. Even during the winter when the weather is extremely cold, window treatments can help retain heat, while still allowing enough natural light to enter the space.

Many restauranteurs prefer to install solar shades because of the added benefit of security and privacy. Solar shades are also easy to operate can be retracted to show off beautiful views to your customers.

Create a comfortable environment for guests

As a restaurant owner, you want to ensure that your patrons are as comfortable as possible while in your establishment. If your guests are too hot or too cold while dining, or have to strain their eyes to read the menu because of glare from the sun, you may end up losing customers which, needless to say, is bad for business.

Window treatments allow you to have greater control over the amount of natural light that enters a room. You can easily adjust them as needed throughout the day to ensure your guests are comfortable.

Reinforce your brand

You can incorporate custom graphics onto your shades. Including your logo on your window treatments is a great way to reinforce brand messaging or provide other relevant information.

Protect your furniture and other decor

UV rays are not only dangerous to us as humans, but they can also damage your furniture and other interior décor, causing them to crack and fade over time. Installing shades or blinds helps to block out the sun’s rays and protect your investments.

Where to buy window treatments for your restaurant?

The Blinds Side offers a wide variety of commercial window treatment options for businesses. We will provide you with a free consultation to create a custom plan for window coverings that meet the specific needs of your restaurant.

Whether you’re a family restaurant in need of child-safe options, or a bar and lounge looking for something more eco-friendly, we can help you find affordable, energy-efficient solutions.

If you are a restaurant owner in need of window treatments, contact The Blinds Side at (410) 220-5596 to learn more about our products and interior design services.