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How to dog-proof your window treatments

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We have all seen the photos and videos of dogs wrapped up in blinds with guilty looks on their faces. We have contemplated bare windows. We have mourned expensive window treatments. Fortunately, there is a solution to this common problem: dog-proofing your window treatments. Here are a few ways to dog-proof your window treatments without having to sacrifice aesthetics:

If Your Dog Sees Something and Goes “Crazy”

Whether it is the local mail delivery service or a friendly neighborhood squirrel, some dogs get a little too riled up when they sense that an outsider is near; this usually results in dogs wanting to get a good look at whoever (or whatever) is outside. In order to protect your blinds from unnecessary damage, keep your blinds raised halfway. This will allow your dog to peer out of the window without having to move the blinds out of the way with its body.

If Your Dog Chews on Everything – Even Blinds

Dogs, especially young dogs, are notorious for chewing on anything and everything; sometimes this even extends to window treatments. Fortunately, there are products on the market that can deter your dog from chewing on your blinds. Sour apple spray, for example, can be found at any pet store and can be sprayed on the slats of your blinds. One taste is all it will take for your dog to reconsider using your blinds as a chew toy.

If Your Dog Paws at Blinds

If your dog paws at blinds or becomes tangled in blinds often, try vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are easier for your dog to see through and they simply fall back in place once your dog retreats from the window. An added benefit to vertical blinds is that if your dog enjoys chewing on blinds, or damages a vertical blind in any way, replacements can be ordered individually versus having to buy an entirely new set of blinds.

Worst Window Treatments for Dogs

When dog-proofing your blinds, it is important to make sure that you do not have blinds that are not pet-friendly. Corded blinds, for example, are a health hazard because dogs can become tangled in the cords; this can lead to accidental choking or injury. If you do have cords that hang down, be sure to keep them out of the way so that your dog does not wind up tangled in the cords. Blinds with small slats are another subset of blinds that should be avoided because pets are unable to see through the small slats; this usually results in the dog pawing at and damaging the blinds.

Of course, training plays a big role in dog-proofing your blinds as well. By rewarding good behavior and by creating a routine for when you leave the home, you can reduce your dog’s overall stress levels and need for constant window checking.

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