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How to Pick the Perfect Bathroom Window Dressings

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Picking out new window treatments for the bathroom is a difficult task at the best of time, since the often humid atmosphere can ruin many types of window dressings. This leaves many options unavailable for the room, where you may want a new style or look. If you want a light wood color for a beach themed space, or a darker variety for a garden or forest theme, it can be difficult because of the effect of moisture on wooden window treatments. This can cause wooden blinds and shades to warp and bend, and can result in your window treatment losing its strong looks in no time at all. So when picking out the perfect material for your bathroom window treatment it is best to look to fabric, aluminum, or composite materials for their construction.

One of the best materials to use in the bathroom is composite wood, or faux wood. This material is made from wood fiber and adhesive under pressure. This means that the material has lost its memory, the wooden grain cannot warp or bend under the humid conditions of the bathroom. There are several great faux wood window dressings to use, a welcome addition to any style or design of bathroom. Composite blinds are easy to manipulate and clean, and come in a variety of colors and styles. They are perfect for the discerning eye and will be easy to clean and control. Then there are wood shutters, a bit more of a luxury option, with a more traditional and refined appearance, these shutters can be split height-wise so that there is a finer amount of control over the light quality and filtration. Close the bottom section to ensure privacy and you can leave the top section in order to enjoy natural light.

If composite wood is not your ideal choice then there is always aluminum. If you want durability and versatility, these blinds work perfectly. Compared to other varieties, these blinds have crisp, clean lines and are a modern option for the average family’s apartment or home. Also known as mini bali blinds, aluminum blinds can be fitted to any window, large or small, offering great protection and filtration at a very affordable price tag.

Finally, we have fabric, one of the most common materials for window treatments, regardless of the room. For a bathroom, you’ll want an option that is easy to maintain, durable against heat, use and humidity, and will bring some to the table in terms of looks. Roller shades are a great discreet accent to have in your bathroom, easy to manipulate and clean, roller shades come in a lovely variety of colors and styles. This style of window treatment can have custom design patterns to fit any theme, while the surface is as easy to clean as spraying it with cleaning fluid and wiping it down.

Each of these materials brings something to home decor, where choosing what you plan to use them for the most important aspect. Keep in mind the effects of humidity on the window treatment you want and it will be a simple choice to pick out your favorite.