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How Woven Wood Shades Can Give Your Room a Natural Look

Window Treatments

Custom shades that fit within your window frames provide every room with a luxurious, polished, high-end look. They also offer a lot of control over lighting and privacy, depending on the type of shades you choose.

However, even fitted shades can make a room feel cold and impersonal if you don’t find ways to liven them up and imbue them with your own sense of style. If you want to adopt a warm, natural aesthetic with your window treatments, you can add organic texture and visual appeal to any room with woven wood shades. How can these window dressings give your room the inviting, natural look you crave?

Natural Materials

There are all kinds of woven shades to choose from, but if you want natural appeal, you need to select materials like woven wood. These shades are generally made from thin strips of sustainable wood like bamboo or similar materials like jute, rattan, reeds, grasses, straw, and so on.

You might think this will limit your decorating options, but woven wood shades come in a variety of stain options. If you like the texture and pattern of a specific material, but you wish it was available in a darker hue, for example, you can always opt for a stained version. You can even find some woven shades with white or colored paint, but this obviously reduces the natural appeal you’re going for somewhat.


Once you’ve picked the texture and color you prefer, it’s time to think about the functional aspects of your woven shades. There are two main options here: roller and waterfall shades. While a typical roller shade coils around a rod located at the top of the window, a woven shade rolls up from the bottom.

You may not mind this, but if you don’t like the look of a roll in the middle of your window when you open the shade, you may prefer the waterfall effect. The mechanism is more akin to a Roman shade, whereby the shade bunches into uniform folds as you draw it up. The gentle folding is elegant and attractive, and this can make for a less bulky and obtrusive open shade.

Finishing Touches

While you may appreciate the organic texture of woven blinds, you might not necessarily like the jagged look of the loose ends at the sides. You can add a textile band around the edges to create a more polished look. You could choose a neutral tan or brown to blend with the wood or opt for a bright, contrasting color to make your shades pop. Think about adding a matching valance or cornice at the top to hide any unsightly hardware.

Layered Looks

If you want to add more style and personality to punch up your natural, woven wood shades, think about installing layers of window treatments, such as drapes or sheers. This can give you the opportunity to add some color and shine that complements your décor and helps you create a unique and sophisticated interior style.

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