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Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

Restaurant Shades

There are a lot of brand names out there for different designs of shades, blinds, drapes and shutters. Each company has their own claim to fame. Two very popular brands are Graber and Comfortex, each of which has high quality products for the discerning buyer to inspect and choose from. Among these manufacturers though, there aren’t many options that compare to Hunter Douglas with their wide selection of blinds, shutters, and shades. At the cutting edge, Hunter Douglas has brought about some of the finest looking window dressings that are on the market today.

To give a few examples, we can look at the best of the best for Hunter Douglas. Of which one of their most practical inventions would be the Hunter Douglas Duette, their own take on the honeycomb shades that are efficient and affordable. Duette’s are made from paired layers of fabric that are sewn together and strung in such a way that there is a line of air pockets shaped like hexagonal rolls. This is where the term honeycomb shades is termed. These open rolls trap air in between the folds that help regulate the temperature between the outside and inside of the house. If you want the inside of the house to be warmer or cooler than the outside, you can’t go wrong with a Duette. Likewise, the double layer of separated fabric makes these window treatments surprisingly versatile when it comes to light control. Very little light can filter in through the tight weave, meaning that these shades are naturally very close to complete blackout shades by nature. Keeping a room dark and warm in the morning for an extra hour of sleep is easy with Hunter Douglas Duettes.

As for their blinds design, Hunter Douglas Silhouettes also have a very innovative composition that lets them stand out from the rest of their competition. What sets the Silhouettes apart from the other models of blinds that are made and manufactured? Where Duettes are focused on the control of temperature, these are about creating the best quality of light control. The s-shaped vanes that are placed between the two sheer panels seamlessly overlap in order to provide the darkest setting possible. Even better, when the panels are opened, the same vane that darkens the room ensures that light is allowed to enter without allowing for a break in possible privacy. This makes them an excellent choice for bathrooms and bedrooms, where being able to provide or control light and privacy are paramount.

Last but not least there is the Hunter Douglas plantation shutters, which includes their collections such as NewStyle, Heritance, and Palm Beach. Newstyle shutters pair the strength and appearance of hardwood with the contemporary look of modern finishes for a beautiful arrangement. Heritance offers some of the best varieties of hardwood, which can be painted or finished in an array of ways. Finally, Palm Beach marries the resilience of Polysatin materials with maximum utility and minimal maintenance. Each design is arranged and constructed carefully to be affordable and reliable in every home and look fantastic.