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Is it Time to Replace Your Window Treatments?

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With sound planning, careful selection, and expert installation, your window treatments will serve you well for many years, providing the privacy and light control you prefer while helping to display your personal style and enhancing other elements of your home décor. Eventually, however, there will come a time when you’ll want to replace existing window treatments with something new.

How do you know when it’s time to upgrade to new window treatments in your home? There are several factors that could play a role in your decision to donate or ditch your outdated window coverings in favor of something new.


Some window treatments are going to be more robust and long-lasting than others because of superior materials or construction, but over time, with frequent use and abuse, any window treatment can become damaged. Pull cords can break, slats can loosen, colors can fade in the sun, and of course, kids and pets can wreak havoc on every part of your home, window coverings included.

Then there is the buildup of dust, dirt, and grime that can make your window treatments look worse for the wear. Even if you’re on point with household chores, cleaning window coverings is one task that is often forgotten. When wear and tear compromise the function and appeal of your window treatments, it’s time to consider upgrading to something newer, and possibly more durable.


When you first install new shutters, shades, blinds, or drapes, they probably open and close with ease, allowing you to conveniently control lighting and privacy in your home. Over time, however, parts can begin to stick or break, slats can warp, and you may start to notice serious issues with the functionality of your window treatments.

If you’re content to leave them in the open or closed position indefinitely, perhaps this isn’t a problem for you. Most homeowners will want to upgrade to window treatments that are functional, as well as attractive.

Updating Décor

Fashion trends change rapidly, and while classic tastes never go out of style, there may come a point where you decide it’s time to update your décor. In some cases, well-preserved window treatments will work just fine with new furniture, fixtures, flooring, and paint or wallpaper. Or you might want to install new window treatments that are better suited to enhancing your updated interior design. Either way, this is a good opportunity to rethink your current window coverings and whether or not you can improve on them.

New Additions to the Family

The floor-to-ceiling drapes that added drama to your rooms when you were single might not work as well when you have a dog or cat clawing at them or a baby trying to pull himself up with the aid of your window dressings. You definitely don’t want cords hanging down that

could become a choking or strangulation hazard. Whenever you bring a new child or pet into your home, you’ll want to give your window treatments a long, hard look and decide if they’re safe and suitable or if it’s time for a change.

With help from the experts at The Blinds Side, you can determine whether or not it’s time for new window treatments and which products are going to work best for your home. Contact the trusted professionals at The Blinds Side today at 410-630-6940 or [email protected] to learn more.