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Luxury in Dining; Custom Drapery

When looking for luxury window treatments, there aren’t any better options than drapes. This opulent choice will add class and sophistication to any dining, living, or bedroom, and are among, if not, the most customizable window treatments available. There are an abundance of options for making the drapes fit the space, finding the perfect preferences will be a blast. Not only is there great choice in fabric design, color and pattern, there are also many options for the rings, finials, and rods that would go to holding the drapes in places. When going in to buy drapes, don’t go into the average, everyday home store. Find a place that does good custom work.

When choosing custom drapes, it’s important to remember to match them with the interior design of the room. There are so many choices to make regarding this window treatment that it can be difficult to find the perfect combination. Fitting the drapes to the window, matching them to the rest of the room. A wavy grey pattern can match the modern feel of a room with ease. Drapes don’t need to be heavy either. It’s certainly the first thought we have about them, heavy and somewhat cumbersome, especially in a smaller room, but drapes simply need to hang from a rod over the window and be composed of multiple layers of fabric and drop down to a few inches above the floor. Curtains on the other hand, drop to just below the window sill. Curtains also are allowed to move with the wind, while drapes have a backing that means they stay stationary when the window is opened.

Getting custom drapes means having to pick out many things to go along with them. You are not only choosing the size, shape, color and pattern of the drapes themselves, but also the accessories that will hold them up. Picking out the right metal or wood for holding up the drapes is a matter of how it fits in with the rest of the room. A silverish metal can be used for more modern home furnishing styles, while there are choices like bronze or iron for more classic and traditional looks. A polished oak or other type of wood also lends itself well to classical looks. The design of the finial is a more personal choice, one which should work to accentuate the features of the drapes and the rest of the room rather than try to take attention by themselves. Then there is the possible pairing of drapes with another window treatment. Drapes work well with other designs of window dressing, like roman shades, wood blinds or curtains. It is always good to choose the specifics of the drapes before moving on to the paired window treatment.

Custom drapes can come with many different options, which can seem overwhelming at the time. Focus on one aspect, one choice for the window treatment. The pattern, size, color, or another part. Find the perfect choice for that piece of the puzzle and solve the rest using it as the base. What matches and works with that starting piece, what pairs well with the color of the drapes and the style of the room. Figure this out and you are well on your way to owning a new set of custom drapery.