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NewStyle Hunter Douglas Shutters by “The Blinds Side”

Blinds and Shades

Whether you are looking for tradition or contemporary window coverings, you can find the solution at The Blinds Side. We offer high-quality NewStyle Hunter Douglas Shutters that can enhance the décor and value of your home or office up to a great deal. These shutters offer great convenience and comfort and are suitable for every type of settings.

Have a look at some of the extensive features of NewStyle Hunter Douglas Shutters available at The Blinds Side:

Contemporary Design

NewStyle shutters from Hunter Douglas are popular for their contemporary and modern design. By having these shutters in your home or office, you bring a touch of modernity and style in it. These shutters exude class, grace, and sophistication.

More Control over Brightness

With the installation of these shutters, you will have enhanced control of light and brightness in your room. Moreover, there is added privacy control feature as well. You can adjust the shutters just the way you like and let the amount of sunshine, you want, to enter your room.

Energy and Cost Efficient

These shutters from Hunter Douglas are both energy and cost efficient. Since these shutters can be adjusted on many levels, you can have more sunlight coming in your room; thus, the reliance on lights is reduced. Furthermore, when fully covered, these shutters do not let the warm or cool air sneak out of the room. This reduces the dependency on heating and cooling system.


All the window treatments we offer, including NewStyle Hunter Douglas Shutters, they are durable and long-lasting. The use of premium quality materials enables them to last for a longer period of time resisting routine wear and tear. In addition to that, they do not peel or crack as they are made using state of the art technology and high-quality materials. This makes them suitable to be installed in high humidity areas as well. Moreover, their colors stay intact as well even after years of use because of their premium quality composition.

Enhanced Décor

One of the major reasons why these shutters enjoy great popularity is their overall appealing look. These shutters can uplift the décor and value of the place where they are installed in and give it a modern touch. These shutters are available in a wide range of colors; thus, you can easily find the one that goes with the theme of your home or office.

Economical Rates

You can buy high-quality NewStyle Hunter Douglas Shutters at absolutely affordable rates from The Blinds Side. For us, customer satisfaction is important. Hence, we believe in walking an extra mile to ensure our customers get the best products at the best rates.

The process of buying these shutters at The Blinds Side is simple. All you got to do is to select the shutters you want to buy, mention your requirements, and proceed to the checkout process. Once the order has been placed and confirmed, our professionally trained experts will be there at your place to install them.

For more information, feel free to call us at our toll-free number 410-630-6940 to schedule an appointment.