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Window Treatments

Throughout the greater Boston area and the whole of New England, there is an aesthetic that is rarely seen in other parts of the United States of America. As the part of the country that the pilgrims first landed on and colonized, we have access to the first homes that were used by the early settlers and immigrants to the new world. Most of those old houses are gone now, but the style and design lives on. When looking to match this approach, either throughout the house or in just a single room, there are a few things to do that will help correspond with the desired aesthetic.

Here are a few quick tips to bringing that classic look back to the new millennium. First, if you have ever been in Boston, you have probably come across a few of the old brownstones. Deep rustic brown and red bricks that line both the interior and exterior of the home, completely exposed rather than hidden by drywall, the look further enhanced by wrought iron fireplaces. These are rare things to find intact and can be hard to bring back or attempt to install. However, if you want to capture this type of aesthetic without the huge budget, there are a few items to consider that don’t require a huge budget and extensive renovations.

First, are using feature pieces of furniture, paintings and other decor that draw the eye and stand out in the room. Consider buying landscapes of oceans and cliffs, or using wrought iron art pieces to accentuate the room. After these items are inplace you need to think about the accents. If features are the pieces that are supposed to draw the eye and be talking points for the room. Accents are parts of the room that enhance the room’s attractiveness and attributes without taking away from the features. The wall paint , the baseboards, and the window frames are all important accents to enhance the room. Using window treatments will be the added feature accent you want to use to complete your look.

Window treatments are a strange bunch, they can be either accents or features depending on the design, colors and patterns. Shades are usually accents, a splash of color to bring the outside of the house in or accentuate the colors of the furniture and walls. Drapes are commonly features, marvels of weavery and dye that have fantastic colors and patterns that can’t be ignored. Both are great, but if they do not exactly have that old home feel that you may be looking to incorporate. Why not then use indoor wood shutters, which are an excellent choice for either an accent or feature. Wooden shutters can come painted in white or light colors for that old plantation house look, or they can come stained, where the original deep coloring of the wood will stand out against the walls and other accents of the room.

There is a natural warmth and coziness that comes with an older aesthetic, a comfort that is harder to find in the modern appeal that many people enjoy. Wood shutters are the same, holding the same cozy feeling without all the hustle and bustle of tearing down walls and replacing fireplaces. Wooden shutters have classical features that stand out in a room. They are perfect accents to rustic furnishings and knick-knacks.