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Pairing Roman Shades with Drapes and Curtains

Roman shades are some of the oldest window treatments still available today. They are literally as old as the roman colosseum, that used to shade roman citizens from the harsh sun as they watched the bloody sports spectacle that was used to entertain them. The shades used in these times had a deceptively simple design, massive as they were, that is the basis for the style of shades that we still use today. In ancient times they were hung horizontally, to cover as much of the seating as possible. The ones hanging from the window will be vertical, to protect privacy and control the lighting of the area. These shades have a very distinct design, a traditional and, dare I say, classical look, that has not gone out of style since the gods of old were worshipped. Whether you want to use these shades in your new Baltimore flat or New England townhouse, Roman shades are a great choice.

Roman shades fold over itself to give it a unique pleated look that looks fantastic whether it is brought up to let the light shine through or rolled down to give the space a subdued atmosphere. The fabric can be a uniform color, like a soft grey or light blue, or it can be woven with a design of choice, giving it a bit more flair and attention. When fully drawn up, most roman shades look like a bundle of fabric neatly folded, a bouquet at the top of a window. When drawn fully down, these shades can either be completely flat or have neat little creases built into the design. Flat roman shades have a nice sleek look that will be appreciated in modern living spaces, while the more traditional folded appearance will look great in luxurious, classic, or conventional areas.

Roman shades are an excellent choice to pair with other window treatments, to add class and appeal to the dining room, bedroom, or living room. Their unique design allows roman shades to be either the accent or the feature to any room, pairing it with its opposite. Pairing this shade style with curtains is a great way to add value to a home. Using the roman shades as the feature, a set of thin curtains will accent the roman shades, drawing the eye to the shades. One of the biggest advantages of pairing roman shades with curtains is that the combination of the two can make a small room look much larger than it is through a trick of perception.

Pairing shades with drapes is a luxurious choice, where either the drapes or the shades could take the place of the opulent feature or the modest accent. Both come with rich designs, colors, and patterns, so it takes a careful eye to pair the two together. When choosing between flat roman shades and pleated roman shades, it is good to remember that flat roman shades will not be as prone to bunching under drapes as their heavier folded counterparts. That said, a good pairing of the two window treatments will be a cherished part of the room.

Whichever choice is made, roman shades make an excellent backdrop to add value and esteem to a space, making them an admirable choice for coupling with other window treatments to fit the style and flavor of the room.