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Preparing for Fall with Style

Solar Shades for conference room

While we might be in the middle of a summer heat right now, that doesn’t mean that we can’t look to the future. Summer will be over sooner than any of us would like, no matter how hot it gets, and then comes fall. Personally, I love the fall. It is my favorite season after all, what with the leaves turning various colors and the warmth of summer brushing against the cooler breezes belonging to winter, it makes the season a delight, but I also know that not everyone feels the same way I do. Some like the fall, but just as many feel it gets too cold, too dark. Which is honestly a perfectly fine way to view the coming winter, the change from the warmth, and entrance of the snowy cold. Either way, when you want to find a great option for window shades, blinds, shutters and more, you will want something that will work to keep your house cool on the hotter days, while not taking away from the soon-to-be gone natural sunlight. At the same time, when those days become chillier, you will want something that will protect your family, and cut down on the costs of heating your home, preserving your money just as it preserves heat. Most of all though, you want to have a set of window treatments that will last you years, and work in every season, from fall to winter to spring back to summer.

Roman shades are a great way to incorporate the warm feelings and visual appeal of fall colors with the ability to embrace the changing temperatures of the season. Whether they are stacked roman shades with full curls and a very unique appearance, or the more subtle and sharper flat roman shades, these are a great medium to finding that perfect set for your fall look. Both styles are meant to look visually appealing regardless of whether you have them pulled down to protect your home from the sun, or pulled up to let in that coller breeze, so you don’t have to worry about appearances with a set of roman shades. The way that the shades fold up, rather than roll gives them a unique visual that is striking in a very classical way.

If you want to have a more natural feel to your rooms and home though, you might want to look into buying a set or two of woven wood shades. Contrary to their very name, woven wood shades are not made from trees like oak or willow, but instead made from a variety of natural grasses like bamboo and certain types of reeds. This makes them sustainable, as the grasses grow extremely quickly and easily, and the amount of space they take up versus the amount of material that can be harvested is head and shoulders above anything that normal wood can do. These shades offer good protection from the sun and adequate protection of privacy, but their main goal is their fantastic visual appeal.

Of course, nothing is stopping you from finding the perfect set for your needs, whether that is the practicality of cellular shades, the modern charm of wooden blinds, or the unique properties of plantation shutters, there are several great options here at the Blinds Side. All of which are available at easily affordable prices and ready to be installed safely and efficiently by the best experts.