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Some of the Primary Benefits of Motorized Shades

Solar Shades

Having the facility to control the light that enters your home through windows is no less than an asset and motorized shades offer exactly the same. If you are looking for new window treatments for your home, opt for motorized shades as offer much more than adding grace and style to your indoor décor. Let’s have a look at some of the primary benefits of motorized shades.


There isn’t much of hassle to set your manual blinds on a certain level if they are of smaller size as lowering and raising them is easier. However, it can be a daunting task if you have manual blinds installed in every room of your home or if they are too large. With motorized shades, this problem can be tackled easily. You can lower or raise these shades by merely pressing a button. Thus, these shades offer enhanced convenience and comfort to the homeowners.

Enhanced Security

An added advantage that homeowners get with motorized shades come in form of preset timers. This feature allows homeowners to set a time beforehand and shades will automatically get raised or lowered at that particular time. This feature can come in specifically handy to deter the possibility of theft if they are going out of the city for an extended period of time. The automated raising and lowering of shades will give the impression that home is not vacant.

Energy Conversion

Motorized shades can help to conserve energy and reduce your heating/cooling costs. If lowered, these shades don’t allow heat to enter your home. Thus, your cooling bills stay in control. Similarly, during the winter season, heat cannot escape through windows if motorized shades are lowered. This can help to lower heating cost.

Suitable for High Windows

If you have windows installed in your home that are too high and difficult to reach, motorized shades make for an ideal option for window coverings for them. As they can be controlled easily with a button, setting the brightness level of your room will no longer be a tough task.

A Clean and Crisp Look

Apart from adding style and glamor to your home, motorized shades will give a rather clean and crisp look. Conventional window coverings can give a dull and messy look due to unsightly cords. With motorized cords, there will be no issue of unappealing cords hanging down from your window coverings.

Protecting Furniture and Flooring

If you are living in such an area where sunrays directly enter your home through windows, these rays can damage your furniture and flooring. Their shelf life reduces because of this continuous exposure to these UV rays. With motorized shades, you can control the sunlight entering your home and reduce the impacts of its UV rays.

To sum it up, motorized shades have become the ideal choice for window treatments with homeowners due to the amazing features they boast of. A key advice to follow while buying them is to consider the décor of your home and select them accordingly.