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Privacy and Protection

Woven Shades

There are few places where we can be truly alone anymore. With the hustle and bustle of modern day life, it can be hard to get away from it all and take a break. There are a lot of reasons to want and even expect privacy in our homes and businesses. Ambiance and atmosphere in a restaurant can be upset by passing onlookers gawking through the windows. Office workers need protection from the harsh rays of the sun without taking away the natural warmth that relaxes the career people on the job. There are many places where quality window treatments can make a huge difference in the quality of life and work.

When considering privacy for a home, office, or government building there are a few options to choose from. Shades make excellent barriers between the outside and inside spaces, providing both protection from onlookers and passerbys, as well as from the heat and chill of the outside air. More than 50% of heating and cooling is lost through the window, so it is important and energy efficient to use window treatments that block air flow. Cellular shades work well in offices and government buildings because of their energy efficient design. The two layers of fabric trap air in pockets that look similar to honeycomb shades. These shades are sleek and professional and never look out of place in a workplace setting. For a home or office in need of a warmer look and feel, roman shades add depth and life to the room, with rich colors and patterns. Flat roman shades can accentuate the living room or stacked roman shades to draw the eye and be a great feature piece.

That is not to say that there aren’t other choices for home and work decor. Blinds are a common office hallmark, providing shade and privacy for those hard at work. For a cozy appeal, there are wooden blinds, with rich stain finishes for a touch of deep brown and red coloring to the space. Wooden blinds will add a touch of sophistication to a restaurant dining area or a homey living room. Aluminum blinds also have great appeal for homes as well, and they can come in both horizontal and vertical designs that are easy to use, maintain, and clean. A truly professional look for the modern era. These blinds are durable and capable, and fit beautifully in public spaces where there is a lot of foot traffic and movement.

So, whether you are buying for a new home, a luxurious restaurant or the city hall, there are plenty of affordable and efficient options for window treatments available today. Honeycomb shades make excellent insulators, increasing the energy efficiency of your home or office with ease, while roman shades have an attractive look without losing out on protecting the warmth and privacy of those within. Wooden blinds are a great choice for government offices in need of an overhaul or bedrooms needing shielding from the morning glare of the sun. Aluminum blinds get the job done with durability and easy maintenance, complimenting the workplace and protecting workers and staff. With plenty to choose from, it is easy to find a window treatment that is right for you, your business, or your place of work.