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Removing Scratches and Stains from Wooden Window Treatments

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You’ve just bought a new set of wooden blinds, beautiful ones that are stained but unpainted, showing off that charming natural color. They fit in wonderfully with the living room’s decor, the couches, the paint job, and the little statuette in the corner. Unfortunately, disaster struck, and for one reason or another, there is a noticeable scratch along one of the slats of your blind. That’s horrible, and what’s worse, is that it seems like there is no easy fix. There are ways to remedy the situation however, without having to outright ignore the scratch or replace the window treatment itself. When it comes to wooden window treatments, there are some ways to repair the damage done to them at home, with everything you need at your local hardware store.

These methods don’t just work on window treatments either, any wood that has been scratched can be repaired with these methods. Couch legs, coffee tables, doors and wooden floors can also possibly be repaired, depending on the severity and deepness of the damage. The first method is rather specific to the color of the wood. Using a wood filler, you can patch long and deep scratches in the material before you recolor or stain the wood, allowing for finding a wood filler that is both the correct color, and one that can be either stained or painted after it dries. First you clean the scratch with a degreasing cleanser, something that will leave no elements left inside the scratch. Dry the wood and examine the scratch to make sure you know how deep and long it runs, at which point sand the scratch and the surrounding area to smooth out the blemish, using 220-grit sandpaper if possible. After that, using a popsicle stick, smooth out and fill the scratch with a small amount of wood filler. It doesn’t need to be exactly smooth, as afterwards you will sand it smooth once more. Then you can paint or stain the area to fit the rest of the window treatment.

There are also a few methods for scratches that aren’t so serious, which can be done with items that you would regularly have around your house. A tried and true method is to use a walnut. Rubbing a walnut along the scratch fills the scrape with the walnut’s oils, which will fill in the spot without much trouble. A great way to get rid of the scratch on the fly. Another method even stranger is to use a tea bag. Wet a tea bag until the tea leaves are soaked and dampen a qtip with the wet tea. This will act much like the walnut, filling the gap with the tea, which will match the color and darken the wood. Finally, if the problem scratch is serious, you can create a filler using a quarter cup of white vinegar and a half cup of olive oil. Spread the mixture along the scratches and tears until you can’t see them anymore. This works because the acidic vinegar acts as a cleaning agent, taking away dirt and other cleaners, while the olive oil will seep into the areas and moisturize the wood, helping it regain its vibrant color. So if you have a problem with housepets running wild and scratching your blinds or shutters in their attempts to bark at the world outside, you can try one of these methods to return your window coverings beauty.