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Role of Drapery in Interior Design

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The aesthetics of your home depend on how you design your interior. When it comes to elements of the interior design, then drapery cannot be neglected. If you are thinking what comes in this element, then we should tell you that it contains every cloth that is hung in loose folds with the help of a rod or hooks.

Before reading this article, we want you to shun every concept that you had about curtains as being merely the means of blocking sunlight or securing your perimeters from the prying eyes. There is much more to curtains and drapes than just this. Like all the elements of interior design, drapes prove to be as indispensable to the beauty of your interior as any other element.

Even after reading the above assertions, if you still think curtains do not matter much, then you need to keep on reading.

Drapery has a very profound role

Too often, a choice of curtains which do not meet or compliment the surrounding colors and furniture destroy the whole look of your house. So, if someone of a good taste in interior design happens to come to that space where those unmatched curtains are hanging, you might see how they furtively sneer at the invidious look.

Curtains bring a drab place to life

When we ask the interior designers about the ‘finishing look’ they often stress upon, then they return only one answer – curtains. Whether they are window sized or full length, multi-colored or single colored, without them the look of a room is as incomplete as a makeup without the lipstick.

Taking it further, you must have seen how curtains are used in the romantic movie scenes. These billowy drapes add to the liveliness of that scene. The same addition they also do to your house interior. They can be your companion on a rainy, windy day, billowing, reaching to you and fondling you with their hems.

Alright, I guess we have asserted enough the role of the drapes. To help you in increasing that role, and since setting up curtains require finesse, we should present you with some design recommendations.

  • Always choose rods for your curtains which can hold them in place and take their weights.
  • You should always provide approximately 5 to 6 inches gap between the drapes and the floor.
  • In small room never use full-length curtains because they are going to make the room look small.
  • Always choose colors that will complement the fabric colors in the upholstery.
  • If you want to use dark colors, know that they will always make that space look smaller.
  • However, dark color curtains will make you sleep well in bedrooms.
  • Selecting between silk or velvet for your drawing room can give it a royal look.

After reading these recommendations, we hope that you would choose the right drapery for your interior design. In order to help you find the right curtain for your home, we recommend visiting The Blinds Side.