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Should your blinds match the trim in your home?

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When shopping for new blinds, a common concern is whether or not the window treatments you have chosen should match the surrounding trim. Ultimately, this decision comes down to personal preference and your home’s overall aesthetic. With that being said, there are a few guidelines you can take into consideration to make your decision a bit easier.

Matching Blinds to the Trim

If you want a seamless, unobstructed look, matching your blinds to the trim of your windows is encouraged. Matching the two makes it look like your blinds are simply a part of the room’s overall architecture.

Another reason for matching blinds to trim is if you enjoy changing paint colors on a regular basis. Matching your blinds to the trim makes for easier transitions when painting the walls of a room; this is because blinds and/or shades are usually one-time purchases. By keeping your blinds or shades in neutral tones, you can easily change other aspects of the room without worrying about clashing with the color of your window treatments.

If you plan on matching the two, it is important that your match is near-perfect. Fortunately, shades and blinds come in such a wide range of colors that matching your treatments to your trim should not be terribly difficult.

Not Matching Blinds to the Trim

Sometimes, window treatments are meant to be the stars of the show. If you plan on making your window treatments “pop,” do not match them to the trim. Bold-colored blinds need to stand alone in order to create contrast within the room. With that being said, your blinds should still complement the room that they are in. Instead of matching your blinds to the trim, match them with the room’s other elements like the furniture or the floor.

Conclusion: Should Your Blinds Match the Trim?

Your personal style dictates whether or not your blinds should match your trim. If you want a more traditional aesthetic, matching your blinds with your trim is beneficial. Additionally, if you enjoy changing paint and/or décor colors or styles often, using matching neutrals for your blinds and trim is best.

If you want to create more contrast in a room, do not match the two; instead, focus on a bold pop of color (or a specific texture) that matches another element of the room – such as a wood floor, a colored fireplace, or wicker furniture. Not matching the two works best for those who do not plan on redoing the room’s coloring or décor in the near future.

Regardless of what you prefer, it is important to purchase window treatments that not only complement your home, but that complement your personality as well. At The Blinds Side, a wide range of window treatments in an equally wide range of colors and textures are available for the most traditional to the most eclectic of homes. For expert advice on which window treatments will suit your home best, call The Blinds Side today at (410) 417-6803 to schedule a free in-home consultation.