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Shutting Out The World

Kitchen Real Wood Shutters

It’s 7 o’clock in the morning and you’ve just finished a nine hour shift as a night nurse, You’re tired, hungry and mentally burnt out after working all night making decisions and being there for people. Your family loves you and you know you won’t hear a peep from them for at least 8 hours. You’ve washed your face, slip into your nightclothes and laid your head down to rest. Unfortunately, the sunrise has just creeped over the trees, and the glare is directly on the head of the bed and in your eyes. Regular blinds don’t help much, they let in too much light through their cracks and sides. What you need are blackout shades.

What is a blackout shade? Blackout shades are shades specifically designed to let in as no natural light from the outside. Blackout shades prevent 100% of incoming outside light into a home. Most are made from heavy fabrics, which fold over themselves for easy access to windows or doors. These shades can come in a variety of colors and designs, from sleek and modern, to natural and classic. Some, like honeycomb shades, use soft cloth folds to give the room a regal feel, while others, such as roller blinds, use separated cloth curtains to give you the versatility of blinds with the light cutting power of shades. They also don’t have to be made from cloth fabric, as there are many materials that will do the job. If a classical and wholesome look appeals for the space, natural wooden shades give the area a calming effect.

The most obvious place to use a blackout shade is in your own bedroom, cutting off as much light as possible to enhance your sleeping experience. These shades are unobtrusive, taking little space and little maintenance to keep looking their best. Powered shades can work for those who don’t have the desire to get out of bed to change the amount of light let in.

A serious use of blackout shades would of course be in a nursery setting. Young children, especially infants, have sensitivity to the sun’s UV rays, which can damage their skin. Blackout shades prevent these harmful rays from entering the space, creating distress for a baby. And just like in other bedrooms, these shades allow for sleep at any time of day, no matter the angle of the sun. If you want to put your child down for a deep afternoon nap, you’ll want their sleeping space to be as dark and calming as possible.

Blackout shades work just as well in enriching the experience of other rooms of a home as well. Use blackout shades to give man-cave, or woman-cave, the perfect level of comfort and clarity. Watching the game is never as good with the glare of the sun right behind the couch. They add style and class to a personal area without detracting from their usefulness in setting the room to one purpose or another.

Whatever room they are used in, blackout shades provide steady relief from the light of the outside world, allowing people to rest their eyes and mind. They cut out all incoming distractions, and keep a silent and comfortable feel for your bedroom, nursery, or other darkened room. They make it easy for hard workers to fall asleep easily after a long night, or keep infants safe from possible health risks of harsh sunlight.