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Solar Shades 101

Solar Shades and Drapes

Solar shades have become a popular window treatment not only for homes but for commercial establishments as well. Available in two different variants: motorized and manual, these shades are known to be robust UV inhibitor as they can limit heat and light that enters your home. Furthermore, they can also reduce unwanted glares and peeks and still protect your views.

These shades operate just like other window treatments. You can set them at any level according to comfort. If you are opting for motorized solar shades, you can automatically set the level instead of moving them up and down manually.

Mylar and woven; these are two different styles of solar shades, also known as sun shades, available in the market. The former shades are made using heat ta thin aluminum sheet. This sheet is heat-reflective; hence, doesn’t allow heat to enter the room. Furthermore, there are two layers of thin polyester that is glare resistance surrounding the aluminum sheet. On the other hand, woven sheets look similar to a dense screen. They are also designed to serve the basic purpose of solar sheets that is to block UV rays, reduce glares and heat. This style of solar sheets is popular because of its aesthetic look.

Advantages of Solar Shades

Reduced Energy Dependency

Since solar shades help to reduce heat and offer more control over lighting in a room, they can be considered an energy efficient choice. With solar shades, there is a reduced dependency on cooling system as the shades block the heat. Furthermore, it lets the natural sunlight enter the room; thus, you can switch off the room lights during the daytime.

Aesthetic Appeal

Solar shades can enhance the décor of your home because of their aesthetic appeal. They are pleasant to look at and if selected in right style and colors, they can improve the look of your room up to a great extent.


As discussed above, solar shades can block the unwanted peeks and glares from your annoying neighbors or passersby without blocking your outside views.

Protects Furniture and Upholstery

Harmful UV rays from the sun can damage your furniture, upholstery, and other decorative items. With a solar shade, these rays are blocked. Hence, your furniture and other valuable items will be able to last for a longer period of time without losing their sheen and mettle.

The Right Place to Install Solar Shades

Solar shades are fit to be installed in homes and a wide range of commercial establishments. In homes, these shades are ideal to be installed in bedrooms; it will help to reduce the light intensity of bright morning sun. In offices, these shades are suitable to be installed in the media room. Solar shades are also commonly used in restaurants to provide a comfortable ambiance to the guests.

Final Thoughts

Solar shades are a perfect choice for your window treatments if you are looking for a cost and energy efficient option. Contact a reliable supplier today and get them installed in your home or office.