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Solar Shades: The Multipurpose Roller Shades

Solar Shades in the form of roller shades are the new fashion statements which are inspiring the interior designers to include them in designing breathtaking in-doors. When it comes to these shades, these are not only an indispensable addition to the house portions, but they also offer other beneficial functions.

1) Solar Shades save you from danger

You might be wondering how shades as simple as these could save you from danger. The answer to this is hidden in the name of the shades. Since they are solar, they provide protection from the harms that sunlight could cause.

As you might know, the sunlight is not just the white light we see. There are many other spectrums in this light which are invisible to us. Most of the rays in these spectrums are harmful to our general health, especially to our skin.

Since we are talking about our skin, we should tell you that the UVA and UVB rays that enter our atmosphere with the sunlight are the most problem causing rays. The UVA rays are known to penetrate deeper than the UVB. Thus, these rays cause harm to the underlying tissues which can result in premature aging. Not just this, these rays are also known to cause health hazards such as skin cancer.

The skin cancer is caused by excessive exposure to the rays. Our skin secrets melanin to combat these rays; however, due to overexposure, the melanocytes are overworked leading to serious cancer cases.

So, you see how sunlight can be disastrous to your health. But you don’t need to worry because solar shades are here to secure you from it.

2) They save your furniture

After educating you about the harmful effects of the sunlight on the skin, we should now tell you how it can damage your furniture.

As you know now that the rays can be very penetrative, they can reach up to the molecular level of the fabrics of your furniture. When they interact with the dyes in the fabric, a process called phot-degradation takes place in which the sunlight reacts with the dyes chemically. Thus, these chemical reactions can cause the upholstered furniture lose their originality both in color and in the fabric.

To mitigate this situation, you need to shade them from the light that filters through the windows of your interior. And you might have guessed it by now that you can efficiently do that by installing the shades about which we are talking.

3) They can be operated easily

If you are among those who find rolling the shades up and down a drag, then you need to know that these shades are not the ones which require the force of Hercules to be operated. As technology has helped us in everything, the shades have also seen advancements. There are many of these roller shades that come with automatic operations.

Concluding our discussion, we would say that if there is one type of roller shades that are multi-purpose in their nature, then these are the solar shades. You can find these shades for affordable prices on The Blinds Side website.